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Fell through the floor in Deadwatch

Hello, just posting this because I think this should be fixed.
Legendary Deadwatch dungeon. Walking towards a few interactive boxes, reached a small distance away from my chosen box and fell a short distance & have found myself in a hole that has only enough room for me to fit. I can not travel any distance while in the hole.

I also fell in Deadwatch, in my viedo I tried to reach a chest and fell through the floor, I did it several times and finally ended up somewhere behind the wall. Only way I could leave was saving and reloading. After the reload I did not fell through the floor.

Link to video

Thanks for the reports! Really sorry you both experienced this! Currently there is an issue where pieces of ground collision just doesn’t load when entering the dungeon and can occur in other rooms. We’re looking in to this currently but it does appear to resolve itself if the dungeon is reloaded.