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Feedback / suggestions

Some initial suggestions:

  • As others have mentioned, slightly increasing the dungeon run speed would be good.
  • Unlike other pieces of equipement, the game does not display comparison stats for fishing gear in the menu.
  • A menu selection memory option would be helpful, i.e. if I exit out of the “buy” dialogue option with an NPC, my cursor should be on the “buy” option. Similarly in combat, if I had Garrison use Sting his previous round, the cursor should default to Sting on the same target if I just press X on my controller during his turn.
  • A minor point, perhaps, but menus should loop, i.e. scrolling down after the last option should return my cursor to the first option. This occurs on some menus (the hero / inventory menu) but not others (the pause menu).
  • While on the topic of buying / selling, it may be easier to have trading in one dialogue option instead of having to leave the “buy” section and select the “sell” option. For example, binding L2/R2 to swap between buy / sell.
  • I might have missed it, but the compendium does not go into detail on the impact of saving and exiting the game while you are in a dungeon or an exploration area. A brief section might be helpful.

agreed on run speed!
I’d add that when you are inspecting the inventory of a character, showing the tooltip of an item (let’s say the armor), and switching to another character, you can’t see the tooltip for the item in the same slot (the armor), but switch to the weapon and then switch back to armor: it would be nice if it were some consistency.

Selecting items in the inventory (so far as I can tell) brings up either “equip / cancel” or “use / cancel” menu trees. That extra menu layer seems unnecessary as it can go straight into who to equip it on (for equippable items) or who to use it on (for usable items). For items which can’t be used or equipped, the item can just be grayed out (as is already the case with certain items such as revival flasks).

One additional point (that I think was raised by someone else but I can’t seem to find that post again) is that the delay / progress bar that appears when opening chests / containers seems a bit out of place.

I’m not entirely sure what gameplay purpose it serves - perhaps by preventing people from dashing in, looting a container and dashing back out, circumventing a gateway encounter of some sort - but for the most part I feel that it breaks the gameplay up unnecessarily.