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[Feedback][Suggestions] Quality of Life Improvement to Battles


Having backed this so long ago and been disappointed by other Kickstarted games that did not live up to expectations, I approached this beta with much trepidation. Please allow me to heap some well deserved accolades on what is turning out to be a fantastic game so far. I am roughly 5 hours into the game and am continually impressed by the presentation, game mechanics and overall aesthetic of the game. The dungeons are especially beautiful and I love the soft tones used to define them. Here are some suggestion on improving the overall experience of the game:


1. Cycle Through Actions by Holding A - Currently in battles, when I am facing easier mobs and/or planning to build my overcharge (or generate charge to not use MP), I use basic attacks (A, A, A, A, A, etc.) for each character, particularly in the overworld where they are not as challenging as in the dungeons. This is very repetitive and one suggestion to alleviate that would be holding the A button down, to pick the first choice automatically and cycle to the next character until all three characters’ choices are complete.
This should be toggleable in the menu - On (Default) / Off

2. Remember Default Action In Battle - I would also like to suggest a “memory” of action, for the same effect, where my last action is remembered for the next turn and even the next battle. For example, I typically choose Sting as my first attack for Garrison, so I would prefer it be remembered the next round so I can choose it more quickly, rather than selecting it each time.
This should be toggleable in the menu - On (Default) / Off

(If I missed these somewhere in the settings, I would suggest they be made the defaults.)

3. Leveling up - When reaching a new level, a tool tip in the menu indicating that you have points available to allocate would be helpful. While I have played RPGs my whole life and was expecting to level something up, it wasn’t obvious until I drilled down to where it currently is in the menu. A badge icon of some kind would be helpful.
This should be toggleable in the menu - On (Default) / Off

4. Map Action Should Be More Prevalent - Until I went in the dungeon and reached a teleportation activator, which brought up a map, I wasn’t sure there was a map. Then after reading the manual in an attempt to understand the Dungeon Charges (like Garrison’s Dash), which I still don’t understand how charges are restored, I learned pressing down on the stick brings up the map. Perhaps a tooltip for map activation would be helpful to indicate this more outside of the manual.
This should be toggleable in the menu - On (Default) / Off

5. Leave Calibretto’s Dialog Stylings Alone - I have read some criticism on his text boxes and disagree. He is a golem with distinctive speech from the rest of the cast and it should be emphasized.

Thanks for listening to all of our feedback, being a part of something greater makes the success of this game so much sweeter. I can’t wait to see the final product and I hope others are enjoying the game as much as I am! :pray: