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Feedback, sudden difficulty spikes, and benched party XP

So, the slime boss in the sewers and the I think hunt boss in the fire cavern are both AoE melters.

It feels a bit unfair when up til now my tanky, taunting Gully has more or less successfully been able to concentrate roughly 80% of attacks onto herself for the party. the other 20 % would be forth attacks that slipped by and the odd AoE attack flung at her that got everyone.

Also, the sheer amount of damage both of them could whip out, hitting everyone in the party at once, was at least twice to three times the damage normal enemies hit one of my party members with before this.

If we aren’t supposed to be able to realistically take on these challenges until we’re higher level, then maybe they shouldn’t unlock until higher level, but it seems to me to be a scaling issue, these guys just do way too much damage and way too much of it in Area attacks.

For comparison, the Slime Clones in the sewer on the way to the boss were tough but fair taken on one at a time, and a tough challenge leaving my party injured after the fight if I took on two at once. they seemed to be a fair challenge going in, so the boss flat decimating my crew in three turns [and his heal debuff being unpurgable] seemed more than a little over the top.

Maybe more like way unfairly over the top.

I like a good challenge in my games, but this is ridiculous. Up til I got to these two bosses, I was enjoying the beta thoroughly. after two such encounters in a row, I’m taking a step back. oh, and the gold loss on defeat is way, way, WAY too high. Those two lost fights in a row cost me 550 gold loss and that’s unacceptable for a game where you only pick up single digits worth of gold per fight and treasure opened.

Also, someone else noted the problem of benched party members getting zero XP, I have to agree this is a major issue. I reached Knowlan at level 10, and he was level nine. Since Gully is set up to be my parties’ tank, she had to stay, but Knowlan couldn’t heal as fast as Calibretto unless I was willing to burn into his Blue mana stocks, and he can’t deal damage like Garrison for the same reason.

I would like to request that the game automatically level up new party members as they are found to the parties level if they are over the expected level when found, and benched party members should at least get 50-75% XP so that eventually they might find a place in your party without merely taking them into old dungeons for replaying just to get them some experience.


yeah had the same issue, I feel like the gold lost is meant to make you give up after 2-3 wipe and make you think up a proper strategy specific to that fight before coming back, I know its at that point that I started to delve more into the potion making

I just beat the Fire lord with level 13 party. It was quite easy.

Still, there’s a difficulty spike at level10-12. I tried boss optional boss @level 10, and it was wipe.
No problem for me, I thought the game was to easy before this point.

But 4th dungeon “La Fosse” (in french. The Mine) was also a small diffulty spike.
I choose “heroic” like previous dungeon. And didn’t see that it was written “impossible” when I choose this diffulty setting.

After a few really difficult 3vs1 fight, I got 1 more level. Dungeon was now “Very Difficult” according to the UI.
And it was impossible to pass a 3vs1 against kiind of “Berseker” normal mob…

Game was too easy before this point. But I agree, there’s a diffult spike after 3rd Dungeon. But I’m happy with it.

I suspect that we are supposed to farm 1-2 dungeon “Legendary” level at this point.

I liked the fire lord. He was the fight that made me realize I really needed to read the debuff and buff descriptions. Once I got the hang of that, he was a breeze.

I hear what you guys are saying, and it’s a valid point, but personally, I totally disagree. I loved the Fire Elemental and the Ooze fights, and did not think they were over-the-top hard at all. I would really love to see all these “hunts” be super demanding with interesting twists like the healing debuff.

I didn’t get so far into the game, but I finished Iron Blockpost on the 2nd difficulty and I felt that the end boss was much easier that other rooms in the dungeon. Getting to the boss was moderately challenging and interesting, enemies were reasonably tough and strong. But the boss somehow was much easier, I just melted him down, I think he even never got to his second phase.

Had the same issue with my fresh level 10 party. Handled the fire debuff as you should, but the pure AoE damage was simply too much. 2nd time I used 3 revival potions, and got him down to a third HP, but he just kept spamming that AoE attack…

Definitely needs tuning or different level recommendation.

Maybe your issue was more the gear instead of the level. I’ve found that upgrading your gear has a HUGE effect on performance. That and some strategy and I killed it quite easily the second time after knowing what I was up against with a level 10 party.

I have pretty decent gear for the level actually. I think it’s more bad luck how often he chained his devastating AoE attack, as that ability is the only thing killing me, and if it’s completely up to luck, it’s not well balanced yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge and bosses should be tougher (e.g. fire debuff management), but doing everything right with decent gear and simply getting obliterated… that’s not fun nor a challenge. :wink:

Yep totally agree. I guess I got lucky. I wish the game was out on Mac so I’d be able to stream it and go back and see what happened, but I remember that with the resistance food, the health fountain and liberal use of Gully’s salvation and burst, and Calibreto’s nature’s touch (? the skill that heals you when you get hit) that procs a lot I think since his aoe is a multi-hit skill, I didn’t lose anyone. Funny how both hunts were so AOE heavy though.

Glad to see others are also enjoying this game, since I’d really like to see more of the kind in the future!