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[Feedback][Request] Please add a 4th, end-game level difficulty to all dungeons!

Having now beaten the beta and leveled all the characters to 15 (a bit of an un-fun experience in its own, but that’s its own topic), my biggest concern and disappointment is that there is no reasonable way I can go back and enjoy the earlier 3 dungeons. Even on legendary difficulty, they are a joke to geared level 15s, making it boring to do them, even though I want to return and explore the maps some more.

I haven’t been following the plans for end-game much, but I think a lot of the joy of games in this genre is hitting max level and having very difficult content that requires you to optimize your party at least somewhat at max level in order to defeat it. I also feel like it is a waste of 7 terrific dungeons if the only one which will be relevant at the end of the game is #8.

A fourth and final difficulty, tuned specifically for max level, would add an enormous amount of gameplay after the campaign, would break up the monotony of perhaps farming the same content over and over for gear, and would make for a great way to finish the bestiary without just fighting low level encounters and one-shotting them over and over again in a dull grind.

Maybe there are already plans for this, or for a variety of interesting content after the campaign, and I simply am unaware of it. I love the game so far, and I just hope that it doesn’t waste potential by simply ending the moment you beat the story! What do you guys think?


I definitely agree. The heroic and legendary versions of dungeons currently seem to be worthless in my opinion. Enemies are scaled to be some levels higher and overall more difficult, but the loot itself outside of changing rarity stays at the same level and power and isn’t really worth the effort of a return visit.

Making heroic and legendary scale the dungeons by much larger amounts could work. Say, you finish the game at level 30, heroic bumps all dungeons to 32+, and legendary bumps them all to 40+ or max level.


Yes, I also agree, please add more difficulty!!!

Isn’t that what the arena and higher level hunts are for? Not knocking the idea btw.

It’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but after you kill the final boss, it opens up NG+.

In NG+ you have access to all the heroes from the start (creates some story funkiness but we decided it was worth it to change up the game feel), and also increases each of the dungeon difficulties by one.

You still have three choices, but the FIRST is now Heroic, the second Legendary, and an all-new Mythic difficulty is added, making stuff pretty hard.

You also are given the chance to craft legendary (orange) gear, and it has a chance to drop… increased on Mythic difficulty.

Something to look forward to!


You also keep your unlocked abilities, bursts, beast perks/bestiary progression,and perk points etc and will keep unlocking more so all the work you put into unlocking things will carry over.

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That sounds awesome, and will definitely add to the length of enjoyment of the game! I’ll definitely be looking forward to that.

My only issue (and it’s not even really a negative, just a not-a-plus), is that I feel like we may still end up never returning to dungeons 1-7 after clearing them once or twice in the story, and once or twice in the NG+. I’ve run about 20 legendary The Dig runs so far in beta, and am still discovering new rooms or secrets in rooms, and I know I’ve missed sooooo much in the other 3 dungeons, but I have no real motivation to run those, even though i’d love to explore them more.

NG+ sounds awesome, though I do think some difficulty that rebalanced all dungeons to max level would be neat as well :slight_smile:

That sounds geat. I think the main issue is that generally by normal progression for most playerys, I believe they will do the dungeons in the story on normal first everytime, and by the time there may be interest in running them again they might be overleveled/outgrown the enemies and gear.

I always do the dungeons on Heroic, and it’s pretty fun and challenging which I totally love. It makes the world map enemies kinda easy in comparison though.
I went back to do the Legendary versions of both first dungeons and found them super easy. It would be less so if I had done it directly after finishing it for the first time, but I don’t really feel like doing it back to back, and after 1-2 levels I just kinda breeze through it.

Good to hear about NG+ <3

I agree with the extra difficulty to the dungeons. But i have to say that i would like that they would make the dungeons would be designed in a way that it assumes you have best gear available and max level. Maybe even having “Challenge” runs with the highest difficulty that would make you play with certain character combinations and would reward you with something.(first 6 dungeons would award skin/costume and when you beat all of them and rest of the dungeons you would get either games “secret boss” or extra dungeon with the boss. And yes i know this would require lot of work and probably be a DLC). Also making that you CAN’T exit a dungeon WITHOUT reseting the dungeon would make potions and such way more valuable(at least at the begining)

It’s a waste that close to end you get toys so powerful that you basically have nothing to challenge you cause nothing was made in mind that you would even have them.

also about the difficulty levels i would like to also suggest some sort of option for the current ones as well. That there would be a option that if the dungeon difficulty was designed for character that is level 15 and mine is 30 i can “drop” my characters level temporarily so that i could again enjoy the dungeon as it was meant to be played (with different group setup that has also somebody from my “main party” without having to restart from scratch and play back to that point in the game. (It’s the same thing that for example ff14 did so that dungeons wouldn’t become obsolete like wow and bunch of other mmo games.) also giving extra reward for completing the dungeon in this manner.

And at the same time could be used as a “temporary wall” so that if you want to experience the dungeon without accidentally overleveling yourself but you would still gain exp and level up as normal in the background and the effects would take place after exiting the dungeon.

just a thought to consider.