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Feedback & Request From Beta


I should start this by saying that I’ve played through the entire beta so far and have really enjoyed what has been produced. Aside from some minor glitches that I ran into (falling off the map), which has been mentioned in other posts, the game played well. I should also mention that it was really interesting getting to play with the various party members and their 2 specs. Calibretto, Gully, and Red Monika are a fantastic trio. It was nice to be able to swap the perks around to try new party compositions. Onto the feedback…

  1. When fighting the Wargolem Lancer, and he charges his shield to do the large burst move, Red Monika says something like “It preparing to do something big”. Just a minor grammatical change that needs to be made…or change it to slang.
  2. The world map needs a bunch of work. It should A) show where the character is currently and B) show a quest indicator. It needs to be clear and obvious where people should go when they look at the map. Right now you can’t really tell from the world map and you have to exit to see where the floating icon is guiding you.
  3. Add a notification for what level each dungeon is designed for when you first are seeking to enter the dungeon. Especially if the difficulty scales the levels of the mobs inside.
  4. Add the ability to rapidly create crafted goods. Either place a location to set a number and it crafts X amount of items at once or having it auto-craft until X amount have been created. Doing potions and raw materials took a long time and it was unnecessary.
  5. The Dig is really dark. If you don’t take Knolan it can be difficult to navigate that place. Some of the parts within the dungeon are obviously meant to be dark, but other parts had no reason to be as dark as they were without the option to light a torch. It just made some parts of the dungeon frustrating to move around in.
  6. Lycelot Tracker Alphas are crazy strong. Some of their moves would nearly 1-shot Gully even with her having defensive abilities active. This was Gully at level 15 and the Alpha at level 14.
  7. Have some form of Dispel magic/abilities to remove enemy buffs. I don’t know if Knolan gets anything like this, I don’t have him to 15 yet, but someone should have that feature to cleanse the buffs. An example of when this would have been helpful is when fighting some of the bats and they do their evasion ability. It would waste 2 full rounds of me sitting there doing nothing because I couldn’t hit the thing.
  8. Knolan needs a basic attack that can generate 10 overcharge. Everyone else has one but him and he just takes forever to build and use overcharge abilities by comparison. Due to this, he is a terrible alternative to Calibretto for healing. I know this isn’t his primary role, but it doesn’t make sense to take Knolan as he currently stands. He does less damage than the other damage dealers and he can’t keep up with Calibretto when it comes to healing, so he just won’t get effectively utilized as much unless he is forced upon us. Increasing his overcharge building rate might help equalize this.
  9. Wild Shot can target stealthed enemies. I know it hits multiple mobs, but when I am fighting a stealthed enemy I can easily shoot him out of it without using an ability due to Wild Shot. This seems a bit odd if I am fighting nothing but stealthed people from the start of the fight.
  10. Enchanting tables seemed really rare. I only ran across the table once, so it didn’t seem worth it to spend a bunch of gold on the books to learn more since I couldn’t predictably find them and get things enchanted.
  11. Upgrading merchants didn’t feel worth it. When I upgraded them and they were meant to carry higher quality loot, it often only showed 1 item at the higher quality level. For example, it definitely is not worth spending 5K gold to upgrade the smith a 2nd time only to get access to 1 higher quality item.
  12. The merchants didn’t carry things for all of the party members. It became difficult to have certain party members scale with the others due to lack of equipment for them. I had Gully, who was a character I never swapped out, stuck with a level 6 weapon until past level 11 since I couldn’t find a replacement that was better than the epic level 6 fist she picked up early on. Either offer loot at the vendors or provide a better way to get consistent upgrades for the party elsewhere. It felt like the gear didn’t keep pace with the rate at which I was leveling, especially once I hit level 10+
  13. When I found Knolan, my party was level 10 but he came in at level 9. When I found Red Monika, my party was level 12 but she came in at level 13. Can they just come in at the average party level instead of above or below?
  14. I don’t mind that some characters were behind in levels since there was an experience catch-up mechanic, but it would be nice if they got a small % to make swapping them in to try new compositions feel less like a grind fest to catch them up. I hated bringing level 9 Knolan in as a substitute for Calibretto when the party was level 12. He just had a hard time keeping up due to him being so far behind and that he is just a bad healer by comparison.

Overall it was a good experience and definitely a game I will recommend for people who love the JRPG style games. Thanks for the beta and I’m looking forward to another round of it.

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to #3 the game tells you above the dungeon diffculty you select if its going to be easy, average, hard, or impossible.

That’s true but I didn’t find it that helpful. Most of the time the Normal and Heroic said the same thing like “Average” or “Hard”…so if they are both the same difficulty, why not always choose the Heroic? I just didn’t feel like I understood why they were both the same difficulty most of the time. Maybe that really alludes to a scaling issue rather than needing to put levels on there, but I never ran a normal dungeon during the beta since that was the case. I only did Heroic and then Legendary.

All I’m getting at with requesting the levels be posted as well as the difficulty is due to the massive loss of gold when you die. Dungeons would state hard and have mobs 1-2 levels higher which can be a big difference in damage WITHOUT having higher gear rewards (except at the end with the chest). Would just be nice to know when I might step into a situation where I couldn’t handle things.

Another time this really came into play was when I was exploring randomly and stumbled upon the Fire Lord before I knew that Hunts existed. I got into his fight and was level 10, but immediately I said “WTF is this?!” as it proceeded to dominate me with his completely unexpected AoE damage. Again…would have been nice to get a notice that I was entering into something like that before I did. It completely caught me off guard. The sad part was that when I died and went to town, dishearted by my first death, I decided to try and clear the sewers out of slimes. Again, not knowing that Hunts existed, I walked into a level 12 Hunt as a level 10. Got to the end Slime boss and was of course even more shocked when I saw that he was worse than the Fire Lord. I immediately went onto the forums to find out what I wasn’t seeing and discovered that those back to back losses were Hunts. Since they didn’t indicate that they were different or a Hunt or what level they were I unknowingly walked right in and tried to deal with it.