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Feedback PS4 battle UI

Love the game so far. The only issue I haven’t is that the battle menu is so small, that I have to jump closer to the tv to see clearly, and I have a 65”…

So maybe adding an option to enlarge certain UI elements?

Thank you <3


I have to agree with you on this one. While playing the Beta is wasn’t an issue because you are right there at your screen. However, playing on the PS4, the in battle UI is quite small.

I’d love a way to make it even 20% bigger would be perfect!

Side note… HOLY HELL this looks amazing on my 42" 4k TV.

I actually had to stop after 30 min due to me getting a headache from squinting :frowning:

I agree. Some of the text is also hard to read such as the blue item description against the tan background. I had to sit there wide-eyed trying to read the font. This could partly be due to size on my 52" TV but some of the text I really have to focus.

The younger self wouldn’t have any problems with the small text, but I would agree I’ve been having difficulty reading on console vs PC beta.

Maybe add some spacing to the line height to make text less dense from a distance.
Perhaps a dynamic text sizing similar to how iOS allows?