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Feedback Post-Game and Collector Bug Report 10/6/17 [SPOILERS]


I wanted to make this post to touch on things that I have now had a little time to solidify my thoughts on since I’m essentially done with playthrough 1 of the game. These things range from some stuff I think would help balance, unless it’s simply intentional, to things I hope for, but know are only “maybes” for a finished, shipped game.

  1. The bug, at least I think it’s a bug, is that the Collector apparently never acquires chests for sale for the sixth dungeon (Strongmont). After I finished that dungeon, he immediately had chests for the seventh dungeon (Crimson), but never had them for the sixth. Not sure if that’s intended, but my guess is that it isn’t, since he has them for every other one.

  2. I think in some situations, the dungeon abilities are far too strong. The most telling examples are on the hunts where the hunt target roams the map like normal enemies. This really only applies to hunt bosses/roaming bosses, but I was somewhat baffled that I was able to use Alumon’s trail ability to devastate both the Headsman hunt target and the Ancient Treasure Elemental and beat them significantly lower than I should’ve; the first time I ran into the Ancient Elemental he obliterated me, so this time I realized he would just chase me, so I popped the trail ability and used all of my charges - it reduced his health down to around 4000 out of almost 20000 and I was able to just use burst and one volley of my strongest stuff that I could do before he chomped me to death and he was dead being level 28 while I was 21, and I’m guessing 25 is probably the lowest intended level to have a decent chance since that’s the level of the gear that drops there from the other chests (not the stuff the Elemental actually surrenders on death).

  3. The rewards for completing the arena either need buffed a little in terms of raw stats or quality, or maybe required level. Quite a few of the lower to middle ones were just not all that useful because by the time I got them, I already had equal or better stuff, since it’s not too hard to make epic crafted gear with the amount of stuff you find in dungeons after a couple runs (I usually do it once on heroic, which is the first one, and then one or two more on legendary) so much of the level 21 and under gear was kind of underwhelming, though the sword looked awesome and matches Garrison’s alternate skin very well.

  4. I doubt I’m alone in thinking this game would be awesome with a “transmog” option for weapons - there are some excellent weapon models in this game, like Chaoseater and the “buster sword” as I like to call it, but it sucks that they only last a short period sometimes or you just skip them altogether (e.g. the venom blade - I already had a significantly better weapon when I found it, but it looked really cool). I know I stuck to Garrison weapons here but every character has them - one of Calibretto’s for example matches his alt skin perfectly and another fits his base model really well too. Also, I was not a huge fan of many of Gully’s weapons so I’d have probably 'mogged those.

Again, the last one is minor and hard to justify since the game’s shipped, but I figured I’d put it out there since it was a fairly constant thought of mine while playing.

Also lastly, the game was superb and I applaud everyone who worked on it. Add some more character skins and I’d probably play through several more times than I’d planned, haha.