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Feedback on how Battle Chasers should change in future patches

Right now I’m sitting at 47 hours, I beat NG and after finding NG+ somewhat disappointing, waited for the patch to see what would change before finishing NG+.

Primary Issues as of Current

After doing a dungeon once, they become BORING. Even Mythical difficulty isn’t much harder than standard difficulty. The area and enemies are the same, just slightly higher level. This problem is made worse by the fact that dungeons do not scale off of your level whatsoever.

Ways to improve how dungeons work…

Have all difficulties (including Mythical) available from the start, even in a non-NG+ game.

Have difficulties higher than normal scale off of your current level. (Heroic would be 2~5 levels higher, legendary would be 5~10 levels higher, Mythical 10~15 levels higher)

Have UNIQUE loot in the end chest, and remove the ability to buy chests from the collector. Each dungeon should have 1~3 unique items with unique bonuses for legendary, and 1~3 unique items for Mythical. They don’t need fancy, time-consuming skins, but should have special effects. Examples of “unique” items… A pair of gauntlets that apply bleed every time gully is attacked, an armor for calli that gives a high damage bonus, but applied burning to him after each action. Stuff like that. Also, have special effects on accessories. Stats are boring, effects are fun.

After beating the game, dungeons and the arena should have “runes” that can be turned on to further increase the difficulty, such as having the area traps in dungeons deal significantly higher damage (50~80% of your max health per hit) and/or applying significantly worse effects, such as taking 25% of your max health in damage each turn.

Some example runes for arena could be No battle bursts, no resurrection allowed, halved healing, halved damage. These runes would multiply your points even further.

Also, as a quality of life improvement, remove non-airship overworld enemies from areas where the player has beaten a dungeon on Mythical, and have Mythical difficulty count torwards the legendary achievement. It’s dumb that it doesn’t.

Fishing is boring as well, because it’s far too easy, and takes way too long to find all the fish. I’ve played through the game twice now, and even after catching 100% of the fish I see, my fishiary is still incomplete.

Potions should be reworked with increased difficulty options too, to allow more of them to be crafted. In my whole 47 hours of gameplay I used about 7 minor revive potions, and that’s about it. They were neither strong enough to use, nor necessary.

EDIT : Make bosses MUCH harder. They should all have a blanket 5x~25x health increase, for starters. Even on NG+, after the most recent patch, with legendary equipment unequipped, both Monika and Garrison could one-shot the final boss.

Especially for the final boss, assume the player set to fight has every buff possible, with the best gear possible, and use THAT as the standard to win. Fight it yourself and make sure that it can’t be one-shot. It shouldn’t even be able to take more than ~25% of it’s max health in a single attack, even with the best possible equipment.

As it is right now, it’s just a massive disappointment. At the very least, re-tool every boss fight to essentially require a tank, a healer, and a dps. You could go two dps, but it should be risky.

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oh man, I do like the idea of toggleable difficulty modifier a la Bastion/Transistor, kind of thing that really allow you to go crazy with the challenge you want to set yourself

Exactly. But also it’s nice to be rewarded for that challenge. Right now the only difficulties available are on dungeons, which are hardly different and give no substantial rewards.

I like your ideas. Brutal.

That being said, if there was ONE thing I would change, it would be all the freaking Kaizo traps. Man those were eye-rolling annoying.

not sure what you are refering with “kaizo traps”

A Kaizo Trap, is a tremendously annoying case of The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard where a Death Trap is placed in a spot where you would normally have your guard down.

I don’t want to post too many spoilers, but here’s one case in the Moors. I have a sheet of music. I play it. Treasure! I found a second, and play it. Treasure! I bought a third and play it. Treasure! Now I play all of them together…GIANT GODDAMN MONSTER THAT’S +8 LEVELS ON ME!

Now, if the game had cracked a joke and warned “I have a bad feeling about this” or, I dunno, leveled the monster down to where I was, or given me the option to FLEE THE BATTLE, literally, ANY of those would’ve worked.

oh yeah I died to that one true

See, that one’s actually (ironically) a blessing in disguise.

The fact that you’re more likely to encounter it too low to win the fight seems bad at first, sure. HOWEVER, since you’re likely to die, and therefore NOT kill the boss, you can come back and use Monika to STEAL from the boss instead, as many times as desired, thus gaining access to enormous gold gain, as well as (eventually) equipping your entire team with the best necklace available.

EDIT : Also, you can easily cheese that fight at low level by abusing dungeon abilities. calibretto and gully alone using their 10 shot/slams alone should do more than half of the boss’s health in damage. Add in Knolan or Alumon and you should start the fight with less than 8,000 health remaining. From there it’s just a simple abuse of stocked up battle burst and you can net yourself an easy several level boost.

Not gonna lie. Never even considered coming back to the cave and trying to steal from it/taking it down from a distance before starting the fight. When I get there again I will try this

Still works, for some reason. I assumed the patch notes on bosses keeping a tighter hold over their purses was referring to the ancient treasure elemental, but it still works.

I haven’t bothered to kill it yet so I can test with each patch if it works or not. (on my NG+ game that’s already finished)

If I get there before you do I’ll let you know. I started over to see if bevelros was easier to find

No no, you misunderstand. I’ve already beaten Battle Chasers on NG+. I left it alive, and tested it after the last patch. It still works.

Oh cool. A looting I shall go, then

Why I think we OLD SCHOOL jrpg gamers want more challenges is because we lived in the day where the tougher the game the more invested we are to beat the game and not whine about it.

unlike today where each game needs to cater to the casual gamer where everything is served on a plate.

What this game needs is to be remembered and not fade into existence.

What I’d really like to see is a little more encouragement to experiment with party comp. I personally loved the default party, and by the time I thought I should at least TRY the others, it was really too late. I’m still trying out the ‘B Team’ just to get them to 30 before NG+, and to justify crafting their ultimates. But the fact that I’m having to grind them to 30 long after my main team maxed (aside: my level 26 B team getting jumped by level 30 pirates is pretty uncool), and the fact that they have half the perk points means they’re never really going to get a fair evaluation. I think Lesser Tomes of Knowledge really just shouldn’t exist (with Greaters getting the 25 coin cost), or if Lessers stay, Greaters should have their coin cost reduced so that it doesn’t feel like a total wash giving perk points to characters you’re not using. The lack of bench XP and prevalence of Lesser Tomes just encourages people to lock in early and stay there, IMO. It certainly has for me.

Also, living stone slabs can rot. Only creature drop in the game I’ve had to run the same dungeon more than 3x for, and apparently Raha can’t find any either.

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Sorry mate. Old school gamer here. Still like an option to have hard or easy. And I’ve never liked instant death tricks.

This. This is a problem I’d like to see solved. Only other game series I know of that had a solution was Endless Frontier. The back team still gained 50%, so it wasn’t a total wash if you wanted to try a different character for a little while.

if that did happen, then could exp rates be brought down because atm we level pretty fast since the last patch. I went into mythic iron outpost at around level 5 and left on the same level the mobs were at with just one run, did about two more after that and now im level 13 dwarfing it.

I have not played with the Mythic Dungeon patch in. Too much to do. But yeah, my interest is back. Definitely have to try it again, now.