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Feedback -- Movement speed

The dungeons are quite large and if you are doubling back to look for items you missed walking through the empty hallways feels like it takes forever. Perhaps a movement boost in rooms that have had enemies cleared would alleviate this feeling of lumbering boredom.

It’s a solid game all around. Art and Sound are top tier. I particularly like the style of the over world map.
Best of luck on your full release.


+1 to this (tumbling and dashing through the dungeons could be ton of fun)

I also definitely agree that there should be a boost to movement speed. I’d say even when enemies are active. It just feels like the characters are a bit slow and nonchalant at the current pace they move. Or at least provide options for movement speed either in the form of walk/jog/run toggles or different characters moving at different speeds

hmm… with the pace/speed you are exploring the dungeon… i don’t think that increasing the movement speed is a good idea.
A “sprint” like ability is OK … but a flat increase ? nope…
And what would you do with Garrison dash ability ?

If movement speed was increased via the dungeon skills that would be a fine solution, but dungeon skills as they are now don’t serve that purpose because they burn out after just a few uses. I think they would be more fun if they were unlimited charges and skillful use of them was more tied into which skill to use in a situation instead of deciding if a situation is worth burning a charge for.

these issues tie together for me because they both weigh down dungeon exploration, slow it down.

It may be way too late in the day to overhaul any system in Nightwar which is why I kept my feedback so focused. I have other thoughts, other concerns, but if I’m picking one issue, this is top shelf.

+1 to this. I just feel like I’m walking a tad too slow through the dungeons.

The speed is an issue.

I think boosting the speed in cleared rooms would be the easiest solution. It won’t solve the whole issue, but I think we would be OK with such a compromise.

Speed potions could also be a thing if their cost is balanced.

100% agree. Enjoying the hell out of this game, but that is one thing that I noticed right away. There is a very lethargic tanky feel to the movement, and you really feel it when running through cleared areas, or explorable towns.

We have a change coming in an upcoming patch that addresses the move speed in dungeons :slight_smile: currently testing to make sure that certain things don’t break with it, but i think it’ll definitely be a good change for the game. Thanks!


Thanks Steve. Don’t know if you or any of the devs saw this post ( Community feedback implementation? ) but I guess this is kind of answering it.