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FEEDBACK: Key bindings


I know this is only a PC version only topic but I’d really like to see an option to change key bindings.
The standard layout doesn’t feel that intuitive to me, especially when you use an non-qwerty-keyboard.


+1 Need a key binding option.
I’ve Searched in the game folder without any clue…

+1 i have a non-qwerty keyboard and it’s impossible to play with this :confused:

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Same issue here,
i have an azerty keyboard and unable to change keybindings makes it unplayable

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And i decided to pull out my xbox controller from my closet and wipe the dust from it, this makes me able to play the game wich i love! but keybindings are a must :slight_smile:

It seems like they have designed the game to be better experienced by using a game controller as opposed to a keyboard. Tried with a keyboard last night. Was alright. Going to try with my PS4 controller tonight to see if that feels better.

Definitely need a possibility to change the key bindings…

Agreed, being able to bind keys would be a great feature!

I am still in shock that there is not an option to re-bind keys. Is there no where to look at what the default / unchangeable keybinds are?