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Feedback: Indicate what each character stat does on mouseover

As mentioned in the title. It would be good to see what each stat does when I have my mouse cursor held over the stat when I’m at the character screen. For example, when I place the mouse cursor over the “stamina” stat, I’m hoping for an explanation as to what stamina does. Right now I’m assuming that it increases my health pool. But it would be nice to know what each stat does for sure. Thank you.


I’m with you, man.

Trial and error, I checked it, and Stamina is exactly +5 health per stamina point.

Not too sure how the others work.

Yeah, made weapon and armor selection pretty tough when I didn’t know what anything did.

I agree with this as well. All in all, it’s a terrific beta experience but being transparent in regards to statistics will go a LONG way for player experience.

I agree as well! And I’m happy I’m not alone in this matter.

It would be great to know what the relations are between the different stats.
I figure that Stamina increases Health (possibly Physical Defence as well?) and Will increases Mana (and Magic Defence?).
Does anyone know if there’s any relation between (Weapon) Damage and Attack Power? This is what brought me here :slight_smile:

Oh, glad to see someone posted about this. I was wondering if I had missed an in-game tutorial or manual page on how the stats actually affected each character.

Yeah, kind of a funny oversight on our part. We’re trying to figure out the easiest/best way to communicate what each stat does. Thanks!

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i made a new post in the bugs and in the nightwar talk sections. We are adding descriptions to the digital game manual and to the loading screen tips also. You can see the descriptions in one of those other 2 posts :slight_smile: