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Feedback, enchantments

I’m now level13 with 3 main (beched are 9 + 12).

And I think that enchantment is not in paar with level.
Defensive enchants: Really low numbers. When I was level 9-10, I was intersted in level13 enchants. But it was impossible to get.
When I got level 13, defensive enchants are too low to be interesting.

Offensive enchants (proc enchants): 10% chance to proc is really low.
Usually combat are not very long. So with 10% chance offensive enchant, it’s common to never see them proc during a fight.
I think that proc chance should be higher. So you’ll have a chance to see them proc during a fight,

And I suspect that you have to farm compo a lot, if you want to keep your stuff always enchanted.

Maybe I’m just too low level to understand that enchants are designed to work with higher level.
But even then, low level enchants should be need less compos, and/or be stronger to even use compo to cast them.