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Feedback - Dungeon Skills and Party Switching

Overall I have really liked the Beta and have no big balance issues to report, and simply wish to comment on one particular “feels bad” issue.

Specifically it feels bad to leave chests behind in a dungeon clear. However a couple of dungeon skills are mandatory for grabbing certain chests, specifically the dash mechanic and the wall break mechanic currently. (Future dungeons or tile sets I have not encountered may require others).

With those mechanics limited to one character apiece, the result is either a lock of 2 party positions for a no swap run or clearing monsters with one party, then swapping members to get the missed chests, then swapping back to your monster clearing team. And both feel bad. Particularly party swapping which requires leaving the dungeon entirely to do.

I would suggest either a quality of life change in party switching or redundancy is dungeon skills. If at teleport/map view spots we could switch party members, that would take away a lot of the headache in party switching. Alternatively doubling up on dash and wall break effects could ease up on a 2 required pick situation. For instance if Knolan’s rune planted the rune and blinked him forward to replicate the dash or if Monika’s steal skill broke walls/opened up hidden passages for rogue reasons might be one way to do it but there are certainly other skills that dash or wall break could be added to.

This is all they need to do to address that issue. Redundancy in skills would diminish the uniqueness of those skills, which forces you to chose your party wisely (or with specific preference). If they allow the characters to swap at teleports, that would directly address that problem without having to test additional skills or skill changes.

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Those are merely my suggestions based off how my mind works. There are other ways to achieve the same goals ranging from consumables like bombs for breakable walls (so put Gully in your party to save money) to making some core dungeon skills inherent to all characters (the party gets X wall breaks per rest. Add Gully if you want more breaks or rework Gully’s smash to have new effect like stopping the movement of enemies on the map for time from the smash’s shockwave)

At any rate based on my experience through other game development projects, the most important part is shining light on a problem. Any suggestions for fixing the problem are more about explaining the problem in a new way as the devs will ultimately tackle the issue (or not) in their own way.