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Feedback - bestiary formatting

A couple of suggestions for the bestiary page:

  • The “combat knowledge progress” could state the number of kills needed to reach each of the milestones.

  • The “combat abilities” panel appears to scale the size of the text to fit into boxes of the same size (see the Motivator entry that I’ve included a screenshot of below). There is a scroll bar for the right page so this doesn’t seem necessary, and it makes the “combat abilities” panel appear messy and at times difficult to read (for longer entries). I’ve seen the scroll bar used for longer bestiary entries, e.g. when there are a lot of beast perks associated with that mob.

  • Formatting of the skill effects - the “Interrogate” ability in the screenshot below states that it “applies both Sunder and Arcane Sickness”. The entry highlights “Sunder and Arcane Sickness” in yellow, but it ought to be “Sunder” and “Arcane Sickness” highlighted in yellow, as those are the two effects applied. Mousing over the highlighted text also doesn’t provide additional details, as I thought it might, but I suppose that’s not a big deal because the effects are already stated in the entry, and implementation might be a bother for controller players.

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