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Thanks everyone!

I am having a lot of fun with the Beta. So far I have had 2 issues. First is that the movement on the overworld map is choppy which is slightly annoying. The second is that the game crashed as I reached the large group of bandits (Boss Room?) inside the Outpost Dungeon. I dashed into the group of enemies with Garrison’s skill (not sure if that makes any difference). Before the first line of the enemy subtitles finished, the game crashed.

Not sure if you guys want us to create a topic for each bug, so I’ll just post the one here:

I encountered my first “COMBO” fight, the “start fight” skulls appeared, and the game froze, to then crash. I am using steam and my computer is very high spec, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Crashed again in the Boss room of the Iron Outpost before the fight.

Encountered a bug on the first town! Overlay for one of the houses doesn’t go away. Restarting the game fully seemed to have worked, but even returning to menu before that it still stayed.

Loving it so far! Great work team!

I’m loving this so far, can hardly believe this is a beta! Only thing I’ve encountered so far is a minor bug where I was attacked while opening a chest in the Path of Fangs. I was given the contents while the battle screen loaded up and after the fight the chest was closed and glittering still. Opened it up again and, rightly, didn’t receive duplicates. This is great work!

Beta Launch Error -

I installed the beta from Steam on a Mac (OSx 10.12.6) and it will not launch. Error states “no executable found”. It’s looking for file ‘BC.exe’.

Not sure if this is an issue with Steam/install. I just wanted to make you guys aware of the issue.

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on the loot screen after a fight there two buttons that does basically the same (you can press esc to finish or e to continue). Seems a bit redundant.

@guitarguy_93 Continue will go to the next screen (exp>levelup>loot, etc) skip will just skip back to the dungeon or world map without showing any of those screens :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reports!

@ipetepete We are hoping to get the beta working for Mac this week, but currently only works for PC at the moment

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I RTFM after I posted and saw that Mac was still in the works. Thanks again! Looking forward to battling!

Makes sense :slight_smile: Thanks

I experience the same choppy movement on the overworld, I was wondering, do you also run a +60hz monitor? I run at 120hz and see a FPS drop about 20-25 when it happens

Hmm, we’ll look into choppy movement. Any other info you can provide would be great, in a new topic if possible. Like setup and machine specs, etc. Thanks guys!

My monitor was set to 59hz. I changed it to 60hz and now the overworld animations are smooth. Thanks man! :mage:

I haven’t had any game play issues yet, but the one bug I have had is that none of the cut scenes show up at all. The audio is there but no visuals just a blank black screen. Although in the cut scene before the Iron outpost boss there was a pixelated boxy shape that kinda looked like South America in the bottom center of the screen. The rest of the screen was black and I still had audio.

Really looking forward to this being fixed I want to see those beautiful cut scenes.

I haven’t heard this issue yet. have you tried updating drivers? Also, if you have any video codecs installed on your PC, I have seen those cause similar issues from time to time. Anyways, hopefully that gets worked out for you.

Thanks, I’ll check that out!

1 “issue” and 1 feedback so far.

Issue: When inside the Tavern/Inn in the (first?) town, the hands indicating which option to choose begin to twitch extremely fast when going between each option.

Feedback: Also when inside the inn/tavern and you want to rest I would like to see my party’s health and mana in this UI instead of having to go back to the overworld and then checking their health.