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Feedback and Suggestions: Great Game so Far!

Hello, loving the game so far, really fun and challenging and the characters and settings look fantastic!
I haven’t much time to play on the week but I’m reaching Junktown and recently got Knolan so I’ll see how he fares up in battle.
Here’s some things I’ve come up with so far on the game:

The blacksmith doesn’t seem as useful later in the game. I find it easier to search for rare equipment during story progression rather than pay for simple armors that I’ll end up substituting sooner than later. Upgrading the blacksmith costs a lot of gold and has not yielded good product sales so far. Not sure how you could fix that or if maybe you made it so that the equipment he sells later on after the upgrades make up for everything. As a suggestion to make him more useful you could have the option of forging with him from recipes but at a cost; maybe even make it so that he sometimes adds a random buff or enchantment to his works. Another suggestion could be the option to have him reinforce existing armor and weapons, slightly raising their stats at the cost of gold and materials.

Going in and out of the Abandoned Waystation makes the moss covered artifact shard respawn immediately and can break the game since people could go in and out, gather a bunch of moss covered artifact shards and sell them to get tons of shadow coins easily. You could limit the artifact appearing to just once, or make it so that it respawns after 1 or 2 hours of playtime.

The sewer slime and Fire Lord quest are impossible so far despite being lv10 the recommended level to pull through, but I see someone has already posted about this issue and in a very detailed manner so I see no further reason to repeat information.

It took me forever to figure out how to change active party members. I would recommend to make it so that we’re able to change members in the party outside of the tavern, at least in the overworld. Also it would be nice to be able to see the benched party members in the Party section of the Book and place perks and equipment on them even if they are not used at the moment.

Lastly, I think Calibretto’s english voice is a bit unfitting, I always thought due to his size, being a war machine, and playing the “gentle not so gentle giant” trope would mean that he would have a heavier toned down voice compared to his actual one. Honestly though this one’s just a nitpick and in time I think Bretto’s voice will most likely grow on me. xD

I hope this helps out :slight_smile: