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Feedback after 20 hours

I’m loving this game so far. Here are my thoughts on how to improve the experience.

  1. Whenever you pick up any type of lore in dungeons, have that item disappear. It’s frustrating having all the notes stay in the dungeons which makes it confusing as to what items you have already found.
  2. It is really frustrating having access to only three characters at a time. If I have new weapons or armor to equip, I have to travel to the inn to swap them out before I can equip anything. I would love to be able to access all the characters at any time.
  3. I would also love to have access to all characters in dungeons as well. Being able to swap out any characters at any time during a fight would be a great addition. Plus, all the characters would get the experience (if they fought in that battle). Plus, certain characters have abilities that you need in dungeons, so if you don’t have that character equipped, you need to travel out of the dungeon, back to town, switch out the characters, and travel back to the dungeon which can get pretty tedious.
  4. I would love the maps to show a little more detail. Have the world map show your destination and maybe have some descriptions for each icon on the map (I know most are self explanatory, but sometimes I’m not sure what the exclamation mark means on a fully explored map).

I can’t wait for the full game to be released! Awesome work!

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About the 3° point
I think the choice of the party comp is the idea the devs wanted and you don’t have to go back to town to swap characters, you can do it at the dungeon entrace :smiley: