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Feedback 34 hours in (ya not a bad game :P)

I was blown away by how much this game appealed to me. I absolutely loved it!

What I loved

  • characters: little girl that’s a tank? Big golem as support? Yes please! You still have your massive sword guy that hits hard and your skimpy-dressed roguette for the anime-trope-loving-croud
  • battle system: the fights are load of fun! Getting different comps to work is very satisfying, especially a bit later when you get more skills to use
  • mana/overcharge: something I always disliked about JRPGs is that (especially at the start) using up your mana is so costly, so you end up missing out on the fun stuff! The overcharge system works around this in a great way and I really loved it! Want that rally at the start of the battle? Use up your mana. Can wait a turn? Hit first!
  • crafting: workbench scarceness (until you upgrade the blacksmith and maybe the enchantress in full game?) aside, crafting let me make gear for whoever was unlucky with drops. The fact that you can overload the mats and get higher quality stuff was also amazing (some issues below with crafting intermediary mats)
  • vendors: loved the idea of having sales on some items. Also, sometimes the vendors had legit upgrades, nice to see useful vendors, especially the collector (didn’t buy anything from him but he’s still cool). Gold is not something you can just throw around and I like having to work for it
  • dungeons: really liked the dungeon design. The flames that buffed enemies (had some tough fights coz of that!), the traps that hurt everyone, the random events, replaying the dungeon on legendary difficulty (although it would be nice if that scaled with you coz it just gets super easy, I hear mythic difficulty will fix that?)
  • arena: unlimited waves, limited time to collect as many points as possible for nice rewards. Good stuff
  • attack power: love it how healing/shields scale with that. Removed the need for some uselessly complicated stats
  • enchants: the effect of having extra power/stamina (my favorite tbh) cannot be overstated. The proc enchants on the other hand seemed very underwhelming in comparison
  • hunts: please don’t make them easier. They should be super hard, and require special strats and upgrading gear and buffing up before engaging (ember of the fire lord however makes flint obsolete afaik)

What I didn’t love

  • Dungeon map legend might be useful. I like not having ALL the info fed to me but I still have no idea why all the rooms have ! in them (not sure if that’s a bug or I missed a hidden vendor or event in so many rooms?)
  • A lot of cleaning up to be done with perk and enchanting stats: they will show a smaller number than the actual value
    • an example is Gully’s barrier hit perk (sorry forgot the exact names) says “increases the second portion of the skill by 19” when it’s actually increasing the shield by 25% of the dmg done
    • enchants will show slightly different stats in the description and in the stat change display right underneath
  • A bunch of typos where its were written as it’s (pet peeve of mine)
  • Weird interaction with over-time effects (heals and poisons/burns): they will tick twice on any non-instant skill used i.e
    • Calibreto’s turn starts -> he takes one tick of dmg
    • Casts heal -> right before the heal goes off he takes another tick
    • This happens with heal-over-time effects also, and for enemies, so it’s balanced, but it’s just strange
  • Fishing: casting the line is SO unresponsive. I got used to the timing eventually but it’s just ugh
  • Controls are clearly geared towards controllers even when using keyboard/mouse. this isn’t a huge deal, but it’s just clunky a lot of the times (sometimes need to press Esc a couple times before it works when talking to vendors)
  • Crafting a bunch of intermediate crafting mats (like hardened leather etc.) is pretty annoying: you have to wait a second each time one finishes then start a new one
  • Boss fights can be much easier than normal fights vs 3 enemies
  • World map fights difficulty inconsistencies: 1 bat/ooze vs 1 earth elemental + Lycelote berserker dude
  • Love the idea behind the interactions when a fight begins/ends but they get very repetitive after a while and slow you down a lot
  • (edit: added this) Journal is too simple and doesn’t show any of the secondary quests like (fix tanks/kill red bandit guy)


I want to repeat this: I really hope the Hunts remain very difficult like they are now. I love the spike in difficulty and think it’s a great idea. There’s nothing like getting your ass kicked by a boss, then upgrading your gear, getting your party buffed up (food/fountain) and coming back and beating them.

Random Tips

  • Calibreto’s Nature’s Touch (? terrible with names but it’s the heal that procs when you get hit) and Gully’s Salvation (shield on everyone) are quite good vs elementals
  • Garrison’s second burst that buffs crit -> Berserker is kinda broken
  • For testing enchanting, I basically just found a lower level dungeon (Path of Fangs legendary) with a table, then never completed it, and had a table at the ready whenever I needed it (it disappeared after a couple times using it though donno if that’s a bug)
  • Something giving you a hard time? Get some food! And take the health shrine around the mine area
  • Crafting epic armor might be a good idea, but for weapons, I just use the cube in the dungeon to upgrade them

I found them to beautiful, with thoughtful design. I liked how Legendary changed the look and feel of the dungeon as well.

I’ve never seen this type of implementation before and truly enjoyed it.

I concur. I had heard from other posters that the enemies were too weak in general, and I found them to be just right when equal level (still challenging but not impossible), but the Hunts! They were refreshingly punishing. Like those rare optional bosses you don’t need to fight but can for an extra challenge in the FF series.

I don’t know what the ! means either. Some areas have a crack in the ground in Map view, so I knew to look for places to hit for Gully to expose hidden areas, but the rest? Not sure. Also not sure about the Prisoner’s Map I got in the second dungeon on Legendary for freeing the one prisoner (have to choose one to free).

This needs to be done in bulk, or have an option to do it.

How is this broken? I have only tried it once and it appears to have worked. Or are you saying it is too OP?

The Cube rules!

Just wanted to comment how well thought out this post is and I hope the feedback we are giving to the developers is usefulto them! :+1:


Hey great feedback! One thing that makes crafting materials slightly faster is holding the craft button should go through it faster (will skip through the completion alert). No need to worry about making the Hunts easier. They are meant to be a lot tougher since they are side content (one bug was fixed with one of them though that was hitting 9x harder than it should have :P) Also Garrisons level 2 burst with Bretto’s “nature’s wrath” and Berserk is one of my favorite combos :stuck_out_tongue: We are going to add a legend for the mini map icons in the digital game manual (accessible anytime from the pause menu). The ! in a room represent a randomly spawned event. They may not go away since they dont often get “consumed”. For secret walls that gully can break, you can look for some dust falling off of a wall periodically :slight_smile: Thanks again! Hope you keep enjoying the game!


I do remember this happening SOMETIMES before the latest patch, but not always. I would normally have to remove my finger off the E button and then press again. I’ll check it out again but thanks for the tip.

Bretto’s “nature’s wrath”

Ooh haven’t seen this one yet now you make the wait till next month even harder :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s also Monika’s “exploit weakness” that’s a mystery skill.

Also, thanks for the explanation about the ! I guess I was confused coz they wouldn’t go away all the time, so I would do something (loot an object / do event) and open the map again to see if that removed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers and happy last crunch till release!

I would love to know if you actually did fix the tanks. I still need a “Wild Elemental Shard” to create the part you need in order to fix them and I have no idea where to find one or if its something I am not supposed to find yet…

I actually haven’t fixed them. My believe is that it’s outside the scope of the beta, but I might be wrong.

@tahsoos is correct in that its outside the scope of the beta