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[Feature] Re-arrange party line up

Hi, not sure if this is on the roadmap or had already been requested. But it would be nice if we could ‘arrange’ the position of the party members. Currently I cannot shift the position of my selected party members and I’m not sure if this is by design or anything to do with the game mechanics.

But if its possible, I would like the ability to arrange how my party members line up during battle. Maybe this can be done in World Map or before being engaged in battle.


I believe this is by design. Calibretto is so large he’d eclipse the other party members if he wasn’t in the first position. Gully is 2nd priority to keep her front and center as long as Calibretto is in the party, but that’s not always the case so sometimes Gully gets put in position one…and no one puts Gully in a corner!

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Formation is not a thing in this game as all enemies can attack all characters.
Changing where a character stand wouldn’t change anything.

On side note, I do find it very amusing that little gully is at the front shielding a war golem and a veteran swordsman.

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That’s one of my favorite things about the game: the little girl is the tank and the massive golem is the support.