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Failing to catch a fish

How do you fish in this game? I encountered some fishes in the dungeon and started fishing. But having difficulty figuring how to catch them. The manual said pull in the opposite direction the fish is facing but I tried numerous and failed to catch anything.

it seems slightly buggy, I’ve found that its generally a little off from the direction the fish is facing

I had a bit of trouble with this at first too… You want to always be pushing to the direction of your character. If the fish starts swimming up, pull it down and to you, if it starts swimming down, pull it up and to you.

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Make sure your fishing gear/lure is up to date. Look for upgrades in shops because that will help with luring/reeling in fish (and make sure to equip them!)

You just pull the opposite direction the fish is swimming, you don’t have to worry about where your character is.


the splashes are also a good indicator of which direction to pull

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