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Experimental Branch - Testing Help Needed! (Windows Only)

You can’t sell Gully’s starter (Aramus’ Gloves) or Garrison’s starter (Artifact Blade). Not sure if they can be upgraded later on in the game (most likely not) but I believe the devs decided to make them unsellable simply because they’re very important to the lore comics-wise, even if they end up not serving any purpose in the game.

Also, you won’t be able to sell the blade you pick up at the end of clearing the Iron Outpost, just so you don’t need to wonder later on! (I believe it’s called Red Rusty Blade or something to that effect)

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Currently trying out the patch for the “Alumon not joining the party” fix.

After I logged in, I got my achievement that he joined the party and I can use him, however he is at level 1 with no gear at all. Is this the intended behavior?

Read that he is suppose to be level 18 when he joins your party.


You’ll need Gully and Garrison’s starter weapons for endgame stuff.

I’ve had this same issue.
Edit: I could post my save file pre-upgrade if it would help you guys out. :slight_smile:

Ill wait till this goes live :slight_smile:

BUG: Garrison’s Sturdy Perk increases Health by 2.1%, not Stamina.

For Garrison, shouldn’t his Rally II Perk be named Rallystrike II, since it modifies his Rallystrike Ability? Or does it also modify other rally-type Abilities I have yet to unlock?

@Frysboxen @mark

Alumon bug: Sorry about that! He should be level 17 with gear; found the issue, the fix will be in the next update to Experimental. (I can’t fix him up if he’s already in your party though; you should wait until the update and then go back to your backed up save.)

Awesome, thanks for the fix!
I will revert back to my old save and then download the new patch from the Experimental branch and see if the fix is working for me.

Any idea when the branch will be update with the latest patch? :slight_smile:

Hey All! An updated version of the experimental branch has been posted with more fixes and updates. Can see the original post for updates on the notes

Can verify that the fix for Alumon joining your party at level 1 with no gear is indeed fixed in the latest update.

Thanks for the quick fix!

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Bosses need more hp i kill destra 1hit ng+, please increase the hp from 100% to 3000% or so :smiley:


@Ryuk2024: Was that in the current expirmental branch build? We have made Destra tougher, among other balance changes.

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These three issues are still present in V.23053. To further explain the second one, putting two Perk points into Garrison’s Sturdy increases his Health by 2.1%, yet Sturdy’s tooltip reads, “Increases Stamina by 2.1%.”

Hi @Mysterio! Thanks for the report! In regard to the Sturdy Perk, Stamina has a direct correlation to Health, so increasing stamina by 2.1% will also increase health by 2.1%.

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I agree, since 1 Stamina = 5 Health. But here’s a screenshot before choosing the Sturdy Perk:

Note that Garrison’s max Health is 150 and Stamina is 30. Then I put 2 Perk points into Sturdy:

Now Garrison’s Equipment screen is:


His max Health increased to 154 (which is an increase of 2.1%), yet his Stamina remained at 30. Shouldn’t it have increased to 31 (30 + 0.63 = 31, rounded up, since the game rounded up the new Health value)? Or is this just a case where the player won’t see 5 Health for every point of Stamina?

Hi, just bought the game a few minutes ago so I have no saves on the live patch currently. I’d like to know if I start playing with the experimental patch first will I lose all progress I make in it when the experimental patch goes live?


Ah yes this looks like its just a display issue. You are actually at 30.6 but its flattening the number for display, but you are still getting credit for it. Thanks for the report

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Hey All! The experimental branch is updated again October 10th with more fixes (the patch list has been updated above aswell)