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Experimental Branch - Testing Help Needed! (Windows Only)

UPDATE: The Experimental Branch has been updated on 10/11/2017! Please update if you are in this branch or want to test it!

Hey Everyone!

This is a long post, only for those of hardy constitution and strong attention span. Please read it carefully! :slight_smile:

We’ve gotten some great feedback since launch and have a bunch of bug fixes and balance/quality of life things coming with the next update (hopefully early next week). In the meantime, we want to launch an experimental branch that players can opt into on Steam, allowing them to help us test these changes and verify their stability.

Consoles: Our #1 focus right now is fixing the crashes that players are encountering on PS4. We hope to have a fix soon, and when the fix goes live, these balance tweaks likely will be included as well. Xbox One will also see these changes at that time (assuming the community helps us verify the stability of these changes).


Remember, this is risky! Please do this only if you’re excited to help us test some changes.

One of the most important things you can help us test are the validity and stability of existing save files with these updates. It’s important that you back up your existing save before opting into the experimental branch, in the event problems occur!

To back up your Steam save files:

  1. Go to a directory something like: %appdata%\…\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar<Your 64 bit steam ID here>\saves
  2. Copy the save files there into a new, separate directory outside of the BattleChasersNightwar directory.


Every time you launch the game, Steam will copy the save files from the cloud into your saves directory. (When the game shuts down, it does the reverse.) Because of this, if you’re trying to copy your save files back into the saves directory, start Battle Chasers: Nightwar up first. Then while you are at the START screen, copy the save files into place. If copy saves over before launching, they’ll get stomped by the Steam cloud saves.

Switching to the Experimental Branch:

  1. Right click the game in your Steam library and choose Properties > Betas
  2. In the field next to “Check Code”, enter the following pasword: ireadthenotes
  3. This should unlock the Experimental branch
  4. In the drop down, select the Experimental branch to begin downloading it
  5. To switch back to the normal game, select “None – Opt Out”.


Your help testing these changes is hugely appreciated. Following are patch notes detailing some of the changes:

Patch Notes:

  • The Blacksmith found a bunch of gold in his old apron: Cost to upgrade the Blacksmith has been reduced to 500g for the first upgrade and 2000g for the final upgrade.
  • Vendors became a little less greedy and you can sell items to vendors for slightly more.
  • Fishing comparison display is fixed. We figured actually seeing accurate numbers was a good idea.
  • Perks should always unlock at level 6. If they didn’t unlock for you, you should see them unlocked with this patch now.
  • Getting into combat while interacting with the Surveyor should no longer make you unable to interact with anything when returning from combat
  • The name/description for the items required for Gully’s Ultimate weapon were flipped (Dragon Scales and Dragon Heart Phylactery)
  • Smoothed XP curve for mid to late game to require less replay of dungeons to level up
  • Increased gold acquired from creatures, chests, boxes/crates. Also, fixed a bug where minor loot objects (crates, barrels, jars etc) were giving too little gold outside of the first dungeon and Strongmont.
  • Various typo fixes
  • Enchanting Shrine will be guaranteed to spawn in Path of Fangs and Deadwatch.
  • Fix for a bug some people were encountering in which some of the Hunt bosses (sludge mound and king slime) never spawned and players became stuck
  • The room containing The Shade of Belevros in the Iron Outpost should spawn a loooooot more now.
  • Fixed a bug in which Alumon would actually NOT join the party. We found him and forced him back in your party if he wasn’t unlocked for you, and he should be appropriately leveled and not naked
  • Lycelot Alpha Trackers realized they should sometimes whiff their Claw Barrage attack and players will be able to evade its strikes now like any other attack. Also damage of it reduced slightly.
  • Fixed missing name/description for starting weapons for Knolan and Red Monika in New Game Plus.
  • Fixed an error in 2 of Alumon’s perks (Dark Mending II and Sanguine Embrace II) adding 2x the healing they should have (sneaky Alumon)
  • Increased the base level of enemies in NG+
  • Enemies around the Dig on the worldmap will be appropriately leveled
  • You should be able to turn in the Vessel of War and Glorious Vessel of War now if it was stuck for you (you will need to re-kill 10 enemies on your way back to the shrine where you turn it in though)
  • Mantle of Aramus has been changed: Places a damage shield on Gully that absorbs damage. For the next 3 turns, anytime Gully receives damage, she will be healed.
  • Clarification with the Defend II perk on Gully that specifies that the damage reduction is only when using Defend
  • Stun Immunity duration increased to 4 turns from 3 turns after a hero or enemy is stunned.
  • Re-Balanced Crit Damage perks
  • Fixed a bug with the Ring of Lost Love’s thorns value
  • Each Heroes’ Legendary Weapon power has been reduced slightly (still the best weapons in the game!)
  • The final boss has grown in power
  • Masteries have been rebalanced across the board
  • Perks/masteries that power up based on overcharge use have been rebalanced
  • Some of the Pirate Captains weren’t spawning, but should now spawn normally
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to be stuck on the victory screen (especially against Lycelot Bombers)
  • Some bosses will keep a tighter hold of their purses, not letting you pickpocket key items from them
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused heroes who gained multiple levels at once to not receive all the perk points they should have. If you’ve been effected by this, you may notice some of your heroes have more perk points than they did before!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented unpurchased hero skins from showing up in NG+
  • Opening the Bestiary in combat with a controller sometimes caused it to auto close. This has been fixed. Using B(on xbox controller) or O(on playstation controller) will close it. (keyboard always worked and hasn’t been changed)
  • Fixed a Bug in which you can get infinite xp from the king slime. We think that’s a little too much xp.
  • Arena rewards were sometimes not being awarded. This has been fixed and if you have been affected by it in the past, when you complete another arena run, any unique items that you should have been awarded and didn’t receive will be given to you. (this means if you had been robbed of something that you could’ve gotten somewhere else like a flask, and you actually got it somewhere else, it won’t be given, but key items like weapons, trinkets, recipes, quest items etc will always be retroactively given)
  • The boss of Deadwatch was incorrectly leveled in NG+ on Mythic Difficulty.

Thank you!



Wow this is great that you guys are put this together. It looks like everyone has been doing a ton more work.

Quick question and sorry if you already mentioned it but are you more interested in us starting a new game and seeing if it doesn’t have any bugs from the get go or going through certain content with our saved games.

I have two saved games thus far: all characters at lvl 15 And all characters at lvl 20.


I guess the answer is you need both. I was wondering with my current games if it’d be more helpful to start from the beginning.


Exactly, both.

It is very important to make sure your existing saves don’t have any issues, and that’s probably the area we could use the most help.

The download speed for the Experimental Branch really is slow :confused: At best I get 4.6 KB/s.
Think I’ll let it run through the night and try it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Sorry about that.

It’s not something we control: we noticed Steam was very slow last night for downloading this update and other games as well. This morning it seemed better, but sounds like it slowed down again. :frowning:

Am currently playing the Experimental Beta. I’ve had around 25 hours of gameplay already on the normal launch game, and luckily, haven’t encountered any bugs at all (or none that are noticeable, at least!)
On the experimental beta, however, I’ve encountered the bug wherein I accidentally ran off he side of the dungeon (Iron Outpost) and fell into the black space below. I know this bug has been mentioned in the forums previously, so I just thought it was worth mentioning that it’s present in the Experimental Beta.

On a side note, the chances of finding Belveros’ sacrophagus did indeed increase greatly. I immediately triedo ut the Iron Outpost after launching the Experimental Beta and found him towards the end of the dungeon. I fought him so I could get the Shade in the bestiary, then replayed the Iron Outpost again, just hoping to encounter the sacrophagus so I could free him this time. Encountered it again in the room right after the dungeon entrance! But it’s in that same room where I fell off the edge of the map, so hopefully when I restart the game, the dungeon layout will remain the same.

Trying out a new game in the Experimental Beta and everything seems to be running smoothly. Ran into Belveros in the first room for my first run of the iron outpost. Gold and loot seem better balanced. All these changes are shaping up quite nicely. Also managed to run into a air pirate after the iron outpost.

After playing for about an hour for the first time, I copied my save files to a Desktop folder, opted in to the Experimental Beta, and launched the game. After about an hour of playing, I found a new weapon for Garrison to replace his starting weapon (Artifact Blade). But when I try to sell it, it’s not listed as an item to sell. However, Calibretto’s starting weapon (Well Worn Cannon) is. Is this a bug?

For people having issues downloading

Currently Stema is having issues in specific region, seems to be mostly Europe, downloading stuff

If you want to get the beta patch, change your download region to somewhere else. ANYWHERE else. Try North America but really anywhere other than your current continent is better

No you can’t sell garrison or gully’s starter items.

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You can’t sell Gully’s starter (Aramus’ Gloves) or Garrison’s starter (Artifact Blade). Not sure if they can be upgraded later on in the game (most likely not) but I believe the devs decided to make them unsellable simply because they’re very important to the lore comics-wise, even if they end up not serving any purpose in the game.

Also, you won’t be able to sell the blade you pick up at the end of clearing the Iron Outpost, just so you don’t need to wonder later on! (I believe it’s called Red Rusty Blade or something to that effect)

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Currently trying out the patch for the “Alumon not joining the party” fix.

After I logged in, I got my achievement that he joined the party and I can use him, however he is at level 1 with no gear at all. Is this the intended behavior?

Read that he is suppose to be level 18 when he joins your party.


You’ll need Gully and Garrison’s starter weapons for endgame stuff.

I’ve had this same issue.
Edit: I could post my save file pre-upgrade if it would help you guys out. :slight_smile:

Ill wait till this goes live :slight_smile: