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Exclusive Art Prints!

So like a few of you I got an Exclusive 8.5x11" Art Print, I’ve been curious if any mention of when the prints will go out or if there is an extra step I need to take passed it being in my survey. I’ve been super excited about getting this.

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Same here. I added the signed print onto mine and can’t wait to see it. I’m sure Joe Mad will sort this soon but they have a lot of other things to sort too. I’m being patient as I know it will be worth the wait. Wish I could have afforded a signed original sketch but I had no chance. Hoping on the off chance Joe Mad may remark some of the prints sent out but it is highly unlikely. I can dream…

Yeah totally, I totally understand how long the stuff takes being an artist myself. I just wanted to know when haha a month from now? Fine as long as I know when to expect it. Ya know. Hopefully, they let us know soon!

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