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Error regarding "Dragonkind" materials/lore entry?

Hello, I have a question regarding the “Dragonkind” weapon for Gully.

The lore entry for Dragonkind (Armaments of Legend 4/6) notes that the dragonskin is “somewhere in the far north, sealed under lock and key.” It then states that “the dragonheart was held by an ancient magus named Belvros, who used the power of the heart to fuel his necromancy. He was entomed (sic) in Deadwatch after his death, taking the heart with him to his grave.”

However, I found the Dragon Heart Phylactery material in the Cold Snows area, at the northern tip of circular path surrounding the mana rifts, from the chest that requries 5 Crystal Keys (this seems to match the dragonskin location, not the dragonheart, which is said to be in Deadwatch). I’ve also cleared Deadwatch 5+ times and can’t find the Dragon Scale, although that could just me not being very careful.

I don’t think this is a bug, but maybe an error in the lore?

I’m also having a pretty tough time figuring out how to do the final hunt if you can give me any tips for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally I just want to say that I loved the game, and thanks for all of your hard work!

This is where I found the phylactery.

This is the lore entry in question.

I have the same “bug” here, I found the dragonheart at the same location but the dragon skin is not found yet :frowning:

I found the Belvros grave in the Deadwatch but can’t interact with it.

This is addressed in the upcoming patch. You can see the patch notes here, and even opt into the experimental branch to test it out and get a head start on it: Experimental Branch - Testing Help Needed! (Windows Only)

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Yeah, he doesn’t show up there unless you encounter him in The Iron Outpost and let him free. You can fight him, but you’ll end up “killing” him in his weakened state, and to get him to show up at Deadwatch you’ll have to run Iron Outpost until the tomb shows up again and you can instead just free him.

I’d recommend fighting him the first time because it has a separate bestiary entry from his final form at Deadwatch. The upcoming patch also fixes how rare his tomb spawning in Iron Outpost is (for reference, a few of us had to run it 30 times to get a second appearance).