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Enemy spawning on walls?


In the Dig, level 13 normal difficulty.

Also had issues with one set of stairs in the left hand wing, when running back up them the angle felt really weird.

Thanks @Tat, this seems to be a navigation issue in this room. I’ll take a look and also see what can be done about those stairs.

Just a heads up after a couple of run throughs of The Dig on legendary ive had the same problem in a couple of different rooms, although they get pulled into combat if they get eh little chain icon over there heads.

Thanks for the report @Kharmakazi, if you see anymore instances of this issue, please grab a screenshot of the location and I’ll take a look.

This one too! Except… he almost looks stoic up there.

Just finished the whole run through the beta - so excited for full release.

Haha, he does look pretty cool standing there! Will get this fixed @Tat, thanks for the screenshot!