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End Game idea for dungeons!

Hi I recently beat Battle Chasers and started a new game+ and would like to make a suggestion on how to extend the end game.
Extend new game plus to equal the number of dungeons and have each level of NG+ raise the level of the last dungeon to level 28. In NG+ the last dungeon would be (at level 28) difficulties Average, Hard, and Very Hard. With the hardest awarding legendary dungeon loot. In NG++ the second to last dungeon level requirement would be raised to 28 and so on.
This would allow players that have favorite item builds and extend the end game replay exponentaly. Requiring players multiple playthroughs and dungeon revisits to acquire a desired weapon armor and acssesories at level 28 with legendary stats. For example Garrisons sword that you acquire from the pit of blades dungeon that grants attack power every hit is a very cool weapon but you can only use it for a short time before out leveling it. If we could revisit this dungeon at level 28 for a legendary version or go back to Junktown and acquire legendary level 28 S.U.S.I.E. armor ect. After the player has done enough playthroughs to unlock the level 28 versions of each dungeon have the last NG+ include a harder fight for the last boss that can be revisited. This concept could be applied to the Arena too although I would include level 28 versions of the weapons to be grand prizes. Players would love to grind dungeons and story replays for the chance to have custom builds and hard Bosses to test them against.
I hope more people feel this would be a good idea and we see some end game in the near future. Personally I don’t care if end game comes in the form of DLC I have a lot of fun playing Battle Chasers.

We love stuff like that, but we had to make content decisions based on our resources and what was feasible at the time.

What if… each of the max level dungeons had a shadow monster version (similar to other shadow bosses) as the boss, and had unique abilities and dropped end-game tokens! It’s fun to think about. Unfortunately, DLC is more complicated than just wanting to do it, but everyone here appreciates a fan’s love of the game, such as yours.

Something that I thought would have been nice (but never discussed since I recognize the difficulty of implementing additional systems) would be some kind of resource gained by completing legendary/mythic dungeons that allows you to increase the level of a specific piece of gear (low level dungeons provide less and the higher the level of the item, the more it requires to level it up), which would allow for a lot more gear diversity in the endgame, since, if you want to, you can level up a piece of gear that you’re particularly fond of (like the Bracers of Shielding, if you want a Gully that’s as tanky as possible) rather than only using the extremely limited options available at the deep endgame. The Endless Arena could also be used to provide these endgame gear upgrade points.

With the level limits removed from gear in the experimental branch, coupled with some kind of mechanism for increasing level of dungeons ad infinitem (which shouldn’t be difficult considering this is already used in the Endless Arena), this would allow for an almost unlimited endgame progression with a lot more variability in content (especially if you’re able to replay low level dungeons at higher levels, even if playing Iron Outpost upgraded to level 30+ is the ability to access more gear upgrade points, this is still a massive expansion in the number of options for play at the end game).

Also, I think it would be nice to be able to fight the optional bosses again, at a higher level, rather than just once per playthrough. Some kind of “boss rush” option from Raha after completing all of the hunts (or even something as simple as “fight this boss again” which causes the hunt to respawn in the world and/or “fight this boss at new level” which causes it to respawn or be fought immediately at the chosen level) would be nice to have (especially if it could also have the various unique Air Pirates and the Ancient Treasure Fiend as options too).

Legendary tokens would be perfect for endgame and we already have a vendor for such a thing. The shard collector already uses a currency system for farming dungeons for rare items. All we need is level 28 or 30 versions of each dungeon to raise difficulty of each and add legendary tokens from boss kills that can be exchanged for legendary gear at the collector. Obviously we would need the Collector’s shop to have new items added and some dungeon scaling.

I think a great idea that’s simple could be to have a difficulty that’s past legendary where the dungeon is max level and all loot is max level. also boss’ HP levels drastically hiked so that nothing can 1-2 shot them(this is actually a big problem i’ve seen with BC and DS2. damage bloat is high but the boss health doesnt factor that in)

hunts and other side bosses get a max level version of them(those that already get a boost)

other then that a DLC i would pay for atm before w/e expansion/sequel there is would be “Raid” like dungeon. lots of floors and each tier offering a boss that’s harder then anything outside the final boss of the game. make 5 areas for each floor, 10 floors total.