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Enchanting workbench disappears after load

  • enter dungeon
  • find and interact with enchanting workbench
  • find and interact with blacksmithing workbench
  • save and exit
  • load and continue dungeon
  • blacksmith bench is still there
  • enchanting bench is missing (still appears on map)

thank god I’m not the only one experiencing that. I thought I was going mad when I returned to the dungeon and couldn’t find the enchantment bench

Exactly the same thing happened to me!

After 35 hours of playing, and 9 clearing of dungeons, I FINALLY found my FIRST enchanting Workbench!! HALLELUJAH!!
I enchanted two pieces of gear, then decided to head back into Town, switch out my party, and enchant their gear too. I do so, return to the dungeon, go back to the room where the Workbench was… and it was poof gone.

…AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! much tugging of hair and beard ensued

The really weird thing is, I still have two workbenches marked on the map. One is a crafting bench in the tile where it’s marked, but the other, the enchanting bench, has the mark on the map, but the bench is nowhere to be seen.

Do enchanting workbenches disappear after one use?

*Edit: Never mind, the two hammers on the map do in fact correlate to crafting benches in both tiles (why are there tow benches in the same dungeon?). But I know for a fact that there was an enchanting bench there.

Come to think of it, I never checked; what is the symbol for an enchanting bench on the map?

They don’t disappear after one use in sure of that. They do disappear after you leave the dungeon and come back it seems. This has happened to me three times so far in 2 different dungeons.

Thanks for reporting this issue. This is indeed a bug. Sorry about the frustration this has caused, but it is fixed in the next build.


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