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Enchanting Table

I have a question and although, I am now lvl 20 with my heroes and have the blacksmith and the alchemist highly leveled but is there also a way to get an enchanting table in the village? is a bit annoying again and again hoping to get such a table in the dungeon xD

It’s a bit delayed compared to the alchemist and blacksmith, but, yes, there is an enchanting table available in town. You should have gotten it way before you hit level 20, though. It’s been a while since I unlocked it so I can’t remember exactly what you need to do, but it’s there.

It’s after you beat either Deadwatch or Strongmont. You get an item that when you go and talk to the Enchantress she’s like “Oh my god if you give that to me I can enchant here”

Like the other replier said it’s a bit late compared to the rest of the crafting resources but still useful for endgame.

ok I am now finished with the deathwatch, but I still have nothing to get the 1-2 times to make me level up a bit

I think it’s after strongmont, when you complete that dungeon, go to the enchanters house and she will want an item you acquired at strongmont by just completing it. She will then install the enchantment table for you.

Thankfully, when you do NG+, you have access to the crafting table as soon as you get to town, which makes things a lot easier.