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Early release for backers?

Just wondering if backers get the Battle Chasers Nightwar code before the official release date as I know some previous Kickstarters have done this, Thx.

If you are a backer you should have access to the Beta. Your save file from that will carry over into the retail release.


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Hi Andrew.
I mean the October 3rd release date.
Will backers get it a week or 2 before the actual release date? Thx

P.s. Any chance you could move this post to Backer Talk as I didn’t realise I’d posted in uncategorised, thx.

Hi @VanguardKaiser, I moved the topic to “Backer Talk” as requested. :slight_smile: In regards to your question; I don’t believe there are any plans for Kickstarter backers to receive the full game prior to the October 3rd release at this time.

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Ok thx :slight_smile:

@AirshipAndy are you talking about physical copies there as surely if the Beta access save is rolling over into the full release without a reset then they already have it? Or was there a tier without Beta access?

Just want to clarify before I put more hours that I am not:

a, Spoiling content I will have to replay because of a reset
b, Have to stop playing now to avoid the above :stuck_out_tongue:


Apologies for any misunderstanding @verbii, to clarify; current Beta access which was provided to backers on Steam, gives access to roughly the first ~15 hours of the game. Backers that are playing the Beta on Steam currently are welcome to play as much as they’d like, as their saves specifically on Steam will carry over to the full release of the game, which becomes available on October 3rd.

@AirshipAndy Thanks for the reply.

btw are there any plans to release Art books or prints, you guys could really make a fortune!