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Dungeon Skills should not require rest to reset

I recently had to rest at the Inn, but only because I could not figure out how to restore my Dungeon Skills (I used up all of Gully’s smash) and so I rested, hoping for the best. Luckily that worked, but at the time my HP and MP were already completely full. Aside from trying to restore my Skills I had no reason to return to the Inn and sleep. And now, all the baddies on the map reset.

There are several ways to refill everything in the game except Dungeon Skills. You should introduce some new potions/items that will allow players to refill their Skills without needing to rest at the Inn.

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Interesting. I was wondering how you were supposed to replenish those skills…

I agree. I think it would be good to have a consumable for this as well.

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If you look at it like a typical story. You wouldn’t go from one dungeon to another dungeon. You would complete one dungeon, return to base, restock/resupply before taking on the next dungeon.

The other way I see is that it’s their subtle way of leading the player to check back every so often. A lot of the story is driven from them giving quests. If the player had no reason to go back, nothing will be driven.

So far I’ve found plenty of reasons to go back, there are a lot of different shops/NPCs in town that all require regular check-ins.

Resting to refill Skills is fine, I’m just saying that shouldn’t be the only way. Imagine if you could only replenish HP by resting, you would never make it.

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