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Dungeon skills question *potential spoilers*

On rare occasion I have noticed that I’ve cleared a dungeon room, but there still appears to be a chest on the map (after capturing the Surveyor so that I can see the contents of each room). This is after scouring the room looking for breakable walls or hidden levers and whatnot.

So far I have only needed to use Gully’s Crush to find hidden chests. Is there a dungeon skill interaction I’m not aware of that helps you unearth/reach secrets? I’ve seen elsewhere on the forums that Garrison’s Dash is sometimes required, but I’ve never run into an instance where I’ve needed it (though I’ve definitely left chests behind).

For clarification purposes, in all of these instances the chest in question is not readily visible. I generally don’t have a problem solving the puzzles for chests that are within the player’s direct eyesight.

Any help would be appreciated.

Same issue here. It’s kinda annoying but I’m happy to read that maybe it only is a bug!

I needed Garrison’s Dash exactly twice and only had him with me one of those times. In Junktown, the room with the imprisoned pirate will sometimes random a puzzle where where a door slowly closes after you hit the switch. In order to make it in time and access the chest, you have to use Garrison’s dash to get it.

You don’t even need his dash to do that one, I have managed to get through without it, it is very tricky and the gate closing pushes me in a little, but it is possible to do without the dash.