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Dungeon Level right or is an error?

Hi there,

i’ve try the 1st dungeon at the first time and it was at LVL 3 as my party, so it was challenging, and ok.

then i reach lvl 11, i went back and i try it in Heroic mode.
the mobs still were lvl 3, so no challeng and aoe fast clean.
also the reward from the chest in the end was set to lvl 3 item.
Then i try to the the epico mode dung and… nothing changed: still lvl 3 mobs and lvl 3 reward from the pourple chest.

Is that a bug, or is that right?
Because i’ve read the algorithm will calculate the party lvl adjusting mobs on this.


That sounds like a bug. For the iron outpost, legendary should have level 5 enemies at a minimum. You may still find level 3 gear but it should be rare(blue) or epic most of the time (purple)

Hi Steve, tnx for your reply.

yes the equip was blu and pourple.
Now i’ll try it again and i’ll make another report on what happens.
Gimme some minutes :slight_smile:

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ok, mobs ar in effect lvl 6 an 7.
tresure is lvl 3, even blue and pourple.

so is set to remain a so low leve tresure?
in the end after the boss, ther’ s the availability to open a sarcophagus, but when u do, it’s empty… nothing appens.
is right in that way?


You already received the item from the sarcophagus when you played it the first time. I think you only get it once because it’s a quest item and not a loot item.

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oh ok perfect, tnx for your reply! :slight_smile: