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Dungeon Exploit Bug

I just started the Junktown dungeon for the first time, while exploring for clues I got to a point in the map where it was looking to be a complicated lever puzzle but I noticed while passing by the chest that contained the clue that the “E” button interaction would pop up from time to time so I kept moving the character around and was able to open the chest from behind the wall and didn’t have to complete the puzzle to get it. While I’m happy I got through it without solving the puzzle… I’m sure this wasn’t intended so I would look into reducing the detection radius of the chest so others can’t exploit it in the future lol. I know how long it takes to design a puzzle and implement it, it’s a shame I was able to bypass it…

Nice find! Thanks for submitting!

This will be fixed in a future patch.

No problem @strangelove and @Hakan, here to help even before Hurrican Irma hits lol