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Dungeon Door Collision Bug

I was playing the outpost last night and I noticed two things. When I revisited the dungeon in the hardest difficulty I didn’t even have to open the first door, I went right through it since the box collider on it was missing. Secondly while I was inside the dungeon I was behind a gate and aggroed some enemies who went through the gate and attacked me, which surprised me because I thought the gate was supposed to keep them at bay. So it may be worth checking that box colliders or collision behavior in general in the dungeons is working properly, here’s a screenshot of my Garrison going through a door that I hadn’t opened…

Thanks for the report @Omni_Games! There’s some issues with collision just not loading on interactive objects at times (such as doors). We are looking in to this at the moment. In regards to the enemies pathing through gates - I recently addressed a room that had this issue (in this particular dungeon). If you see any other rooms that have this issue, please feel free to post a screenshot of the location. Thanks again! :smiley:

Glad I can help @AirshipAndy!

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