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Dungeon Ability not refreshing

I was under the impression that your dungeon abilities (ground pound, heal, dash) would refresh in each new dungeon. So far that hasn’t happened for me. Is there another way to do that, that I just don’t know about? The game is fantastic btw.

They will only refresh when resting at the inn. You can also enjoy extra scenes between characters when you rest at the inn :slight_smile:

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ahh good to know. is there any way to knock down a wall for a hidden chest if you don’t have a ground slam? Also a suggestion of maybe putting a dungeon shrine or fountain that could refresh them. or maybe a buyable potion that could also do so. it’s kind of a bummer having only one way to refresh, especially if you have to leave the dungeon to do so. thanks for the quick reply. I’m sure the whole team has just been on nonstop forum reply since the beta launch.

Resting is the only way to restore them, but you can get perks later that improve them and add more charges!

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