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Dragon Heart Phylactery DISAPPEARED

I’ve been trying to obtain Gully’s ultimate weapon (Dragonkind).
Just yesterday (10/12/17) I obtained the Dragon Heart Phylactery. Went to the chest in the north, and paid the 5 infused mana to open.
Today, upon playing and collecting the Dragon Scale as well as the recipe itself for Dragonkind, I found that the Dragon Heart Phylactery is no longer in my inventory.

What gives?
Has anybody else had this problem?
It’s greatly disheartening, as it is the only ultimate weapon I do not have (out of the party members I use).

Hey Steamw0rks,

Fear not, you still have the item you paid infused keys for. In the patch notes, we mentioned that we swapped the Dragon Scales and Phylactery. It was a bug, as you were supposed to get the Scales from the chest up north. The lore description mentions the scales being in that area. Now all that’s left is for you to find the real Phylactery. Online guides may not have updated their info yet and are describing the old placements of items.

Basically the only thing that changed was the description of the item in your inventory. Sorry for the confusion.

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Stellar, thanks for the help.