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Double Loot Elemental loot

I was running through the Iron Outpost just for completion sake on the middle-level difficuilty and encountered a strange occurance with the Loot Elementals in the 3-chest gamble bit.

If you run into the Elemental as it reveals itself, combat starts and you’ll need to defeat the beast as usual to collect the loot.
However, back in the overworld, the Elemental was still spawning, so it will complete its animation and start chasing you. You can fight it again and get loot again before it disappears.
I tested this on at least three more consequetive Loot Elementals I ran into and obtained double loot from all of them.

While nice for higher-level dungeons for purple gear, I don’t think that’s the purpose.

Thanks a lot for the report, @Taross; we’re looking into this.