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Dots triggering off of Cleanse is just Silly

Noticed this quite a bit, when using cleanse on Garrison and Monica the Dots would tick off right before they could get their cleanse off, which makes the cleanse completely pointless, unless the dot had multiple ticks. Are haste buffs on enemies doing this? (Knolan and Breto dont have this issue)

If this is by design, a tooltip telling us it can’t cleanse the first tick, would be helpful.

Speaking of tooltips, i can’t see how the stats impact the character at all. knowing how much the stats give would be cool. and giving me a direct description of how Haste impacts the attack cool downs would be awesome!

Great game guys, Keep it up!!

Edit: included that both Knolan And Breto dont have this issue

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I assumed this was by design since all of the buffs and debuffs operate the same way. It really should only change the strategy a little in terms of whether the buff ticks before or after your cleanse. However, the bandit monks, the ones that do the Chi attacks, place a 1-turn bleed that stacks on you. If that bleed goes off you take a large amount of damage and then the bleed goes away; 1 tick and it’s gone. I remember that Gully, at level 9, got hit for 1,300+ bleed damage since it triggered before I could cleanse it. Instant 1-shot. Even at level 15 my Gully had just over 1,000 HP and that would have killed her. This one specific mob is the only real reason I agree that you should be able to cleanse before the bleed ticks.

Outside of that 1 mob, as long as you account for the damage happening before, it wasn’t ever too much of an issue to have it hit first and then get cleansed. Most of the bleed/poison effects shouldn’t get stacked very high in the first place, but even if they do you can remove it within 1 tick if you know it’s coming.

I found this very strange, but the good thing is that it affects both you and the enemies, and both good and bad effects.

For example, if you poison the enemy, the will take one tick when they act, but if they choose a skill that’s not instant, they will take another tick of dmg when the skill is actually performed.

The same thing happens with your characters, which can be annoying, but can also be good if you put a regen on them, it will heal them twice.

As for the monk bleed @Ootonyoo16, it did so much dmg to you coz you probably hit him while he was defending, thus severely increasing his dmg :smiley: it normally does only a couple hundred dmg (still a lot but won’t one shot anything).
This bleed however is the only one that triggers after the action, so if your Garrison cleanses himself it won’t go off, or if Gully casts protect on herself, the shield will go off first and take some of the damage from the skill.

Hey guys remember that this problem only impacts Garrison and Monica. Breto and Knolan don’t have this issue.

This is why i think it is a bug. unless it is by design that they have weaker cleanse, which i couldn’t disagree more with.

@RailbladerX Thanks for the feedback! I was actually looking at the usefulness of Garrison’s self cleanse. Its going to switched to be instant, which will address him getting hit by an additional tick of a dot. For cleansing oneself, you’ll always get hit with atleast 1 tick becuase they resolve at the beginning of a turn (unless specified like the monk’s bleed, in which case you can cast a long ability to give time for an ally to cleanse it off of you etc). Red monika and knolan will still have cast times on theirs, but their cleanses are much more powerful (number of removals, selecting other targets, aoe etc). Garrison’s Warrior’s Resolve should be a lot more useful now though since it already has the restriction of only being used on himself.

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Also note, we are patching in descriptions for each of the stats to the game manual (accessed from the options anytime in game) and the tips screens while loading

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Awesome! Yea I did not think about the correlation of cleanse power vs cast time. >.<. (“Damn it Jim, I’m and Artist not a designer!”)

thanks for all the hard work guys!

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