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Door closed after fight


It happened in the mission where I need to clear the severs from Slimes, guess the second one from the tavern.
As you can see Im right in the spot where the chest is locked behind the door.
How it happened:

After I opened up the gate bit down below with the trigger. I follow up to the chest where “the gate been open”. I passed by a slime monster and opened the chest while slime still following me I end up in a fight right on top of where the gate should be. And after the fight finished that gate reapeared at “2”. :I

Not sure if its related or not but for some reason after entering severs I was not able to open up options with “Esc” or my “Inventory” or any kind of UI.

This exact thing just happened to me. Really, the only bug that I’ve encountered in the Beta so far. I’ve even been able to swap between keyboard/mouse and gamepad with no issues.

We have a fix for this coming in a future patch.

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