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Dont find my "true" key for the game

Hi all,

I have a question , i search the final key code.
Its appears on the accompt only the 3 october ?
I cant add the key on steam before ?

beta key and final key are different ?

thanks !

The game hasn’t released yet… so no code! Just wait for it to release and it will be in your inventory like the beta code…
Beta and final key are different yes. The beta isn’t working anymore on Steam.

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Hey, it’s already the 3rd of October around half the globe and I could buy the game now already through Steam, PSN and so on … But the key is still not in the inventory.
Reviewers already have keys of the final game since days or weeks, people can download it right now… but I don’t quite get why people who actually backed the game are the last to receive the game.
Surely there was a way, that Backers could have gotten their digital copies as soon as reviewers?

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Your key will be available as soon as the game is live. You could buy the game on Steam or PSN now, but you wouldn’t be able to play it.

We’ll put the keys live as soon as we can! Hopefully we’ll post an exact time for that soon… we’re waiting on confirmation from THQNordic on when the game should be launched!

Its similar to steam tho, you can pre-order the game but you don’t really get access to the game itself until the game launches. That wont be until 10am PDT/1pm EDT Oct 3rd for Steam (not sure about how other platforms genreeally do releases)

Midnight on the Ps4 in the UK usually which was 1hr 52 minutes ago.

On PSN games are playable as soon as they are buyable. At exactly 00:00 tonight it was possible for me to buy Battle Chasers (not only pre-order), download and play. The backer keys we’re available around 6-7 hours later.
It’s not a big deal, it just seems weird to me.

So it’s now 12:35 eastern time and i still have yet to receive my backer code? Is there something i’m missing?

Check your backer profile and it will be there. Redeem the game for your desired platform

backer profile on this site or on kickstarter? Because on the account inventory there isn’t anything and obviously on kickstarter it just leads me back to the page on this site

It’s on your battlechasers account page

yea, I go to that page and nothing is in my inventory to redeem.

@JuanSolo, It wasn’t very clear, but for me, there was an item on my account page that had an “unlock” button. When I clicked that, I was then prompted to choose my platform. Once I did that, it added it to my cart, with a price of $0.00. Then after completing the “purchase”, I had the item on my inventory page with my XBL code.

Hope that helps.

Yea, I don’t see any of that. Inventory is just blank, there’s the section to apply the code that i can’t get. Transactions says I have a store credit balance of zero dollars.