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Display crashing

output_log.txt (82.1 KB)

Display crashes when I approach anything with a glimmer - like a chest.

Hey, @Bayou_Billy,

As noted in this thread for Space Pirate Trainer:

This is a rare crash that happens for a number of users running DX11 in Unity.

You can work around it by running Battle Chasers in DX9 mode (AKA safe mode).

A possible fix that has worked for some people on other Unity games has been uninstalling your display drivers entirely, and doing a clean install of the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer.

Hope this helps!

output_log.txt (194.1 KB)

Here’s my log file as well. I think it may have crashed about 3 times so far, right when a battle was supposed to start. I have to ALT-Tab, then kill the game at that point. Is this the same issue, where I should just run in DX9 mode? Thanks!

Nope, Mike, this looks like something totally different! I’ve actually not seen a crash like this before.

Have you tried verifying the integrity of your game files? Or just uninstalling the game completely and reinstalling it. Don’t worry, your save files are stored elsewhere and will stay intact.

I tried running in dx9 and had the same problem. It took me a bit of work reinstalling the drivers and ran in safe mode with no issues so far.

Thank you for the help.

That’s great! Glad that worked for you, Billy :slight_smile: Happy to help.