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Different physical and digital

Waiting for switch release to redeem key, but I have a question.
I did the physical upgrade for switch, does my digital key have to be for switch?
Could i essentially have physical = switch, and digital = ps4?

I believe you can. I got the PS4 physical upgrade (though in retrospect I should have gotten the Switch version) and used the digital code on GoG so I could play on my my Mac.

According to one of the updates on Kickstarter, it sounds like you can:

"Because we’re unsure they’ll reach those who upgraded in time, all physical backers got a bonus key with their order. You can select any platform other than Switch with this bonus key.

If you are waiting for a Switch physical copy, you can also opt for one of the other platforms now to play the game immediately."

It doesn’t have to be a digital Switch key. I asked support before by mail. I have a physical PS4 edition on the way because I like my PS4 games boxed as a nice collection. In the meantime I play it with steam key to continue my beta progress.