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DEVASTATION display broken

I dont understand for now how we do DEVASTATION hits, but when I do it, there is a display bug with this word.


appears like that (not sure where the word is broken exactly) I guess you can make the word unbreackable as we can on photoshop ^^

tell me if I’m wrong but devastation is when you overkill a monster with like 50% of your damage ?

If you ever see it try to take a screenshot of it

In steam pressing F12 will automatically take a screenshot of what your screen

For visual bugs seeing how it manifests itself can be super helpful to the devs

Yeah sure, I know sorry but I just go on forum after closing the game, too late for screen but I will do it now ^^

I just played one more hour to take this screenshot but I did not manage to make devastation hit :frowning: dont understand how to do it for now. Now I have to go to bed sorry. see you tomorrow

What screen resolution are you playing the game at?

classic resolution on desktop, playing with xbox one controller at 60 fps
16go ram

Ok, we can take a look at it, thanks.

Hi there
I have the same thing in french

@Maxildan thats correct! Its when you overkill a monster with over 50% of their max health.

Nice grab! Have to be quick on the draw to get that done, haha.

Yes I did hit ! too late, but I didn’t take this screen for nothing ! :stuck_out_tongue: