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Deciding Moment

Hey fellow backers, I’m just curious…what was the final straw… With all of the games that come to Kickstarter, and the history of most of those games not going anywhere, or eventually flopping, what made you take that chance on this awesomeness?

For me there was no second guessing. Seeing who started this idea, the team behind it… I had to be a part of it.


Quite simple for me. I heard Liam O’Brien extolling the virtues of the BattleChasers kickstarter at the start of one of the episodes of Geek and Sundry’s “Critical Role”. Had no idea what BattleChasers was but Liam seemed so incredibly passionate about the potential of the game that I had to take a look.

I’m glad that I did.


I wanted to back this game in Kickstarter the first time I saw the artwork and screenshots but wasn’t able to (I don’t have a creditcard). I kept following it because of it’s awesome artstyle, the love for old school turn based combat like in the old Final Fantasy games and the promise of an awesome adventure very story driven. Eventually I played a demo at Gamescom 2016 and really loved that moment beating the boss in a tough fight. I looked up the website to see what the status of the game was and found out I could back it there without having to use a cc :smiley:


I thought the art style looked really cool, and I’m a fan of old school, turn-based RPGs. I wish there was more to it than that, but that’s honestly what sold me. :slight_smile:

I think what put me over the edge was the rewards for pledging, specifically the Battle Chasers comics. It’s cool having the opportunity to get up to speed with the series, its characters, setting and so on while I waited for the game to be completed.

Darksiders and having Vigil Games people, how could I not want to throw money at this. I had no doubts in whether or not they could produce the originally intended finished product. I’m just glad they got the extra bit of coin from THQNordic to make it what it is now.

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This, I’ve NEVER been a fan of Final Fantasy games but from the art and style of the game it looked like something I could get behind and I’m glad I did.

Darksiders is what brought me to back this. I loved those first two so much, that I couldn’t help but back it. I’m even thinking of getting the first two again, just to have until my XBox 360 dies.

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i think i had been searching for new turn based rpgs, joe mad art and some other things on youtube one day and youtube suggested a kickstarter video of battle chasers. it was like that line from charlie and the chocolate factory about the boy who got everything he ever wanted.

Big fan of Joe Mad. Saw his post on Twitter about the project in Kickstarter :star_struck:
I have the original Battle Chasers comics, for me it was a no brainer!


That was an easy decision, Darksiders and Joe Mad.
I never backed a game before and I never backed a game afterwards. I usually don’t do this as I think Kickstarter is basically a good tool but there are too much people out there that can’t keep their promises.

Also I played a lot of JRPGs in the past. Unfortunately they don’t really work nowadays. So I wanted to give this attempt a try.


So this made me think about how much I enjoyed Darksiders that as soon as I got out of work last night I went to EBGames and bought Darksiders II and then got a steam card and bought Darksiders for PC!

The thought of Red Monika in 3D, pixel shading bump mappings, and the awesomeness of JoeMAD! and anything he touches. I wish her pixels were as large as Battlechasers #3 cover :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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Because im die hard joe mad fan, and the biggest Battle Chasers fan ever… There was no question… I saw that sword silhouette tease and immediately knew it was Garrisons Sword…

And i threw all my money at ks, and hyped the game everywhere i could, seriously, you could ask joe about me, he knows how crazy i am for his comics, art, and games lol.

All in all… Its so amazing seeing this come full circle,

From leaving battle chasers originally to get into games… To making a game of the comic he left unfinished to make games…lol its effing perfect!


This…and Joe Mad basically going back to Battle Chasers, which I’ve read before.

I’ve been a Joe Mad fanatic since I first saw his artwork in Uncanny X-Men back in the mid 90s, and have followed his career ever since, so I jumped at the chance to be a backer. This and Hyper Light Drifter are the two best projects I’ve ever backed on KS.

The first and last straw was basically the fact it was battlechasers. Everything on top of that was just a ton more final straws!

The original comic is my fave of all time. I’ll take anything related to it :smile: