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Dear Devs, were the physical copies shipped?

I know it’s pretty early for most people in the US, but I was wondering if anyone had gotten their physical copy?

Please post here if you do get it. Thanks.

The physical copies weren’t sent out yet, so no.

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The emails they sent out said they would do their best to make sure we had our copies on release day which means they would’ve had to have shipped out at least a couple days ago.

Where are you getting this info?

There has been no info, no shipping confirmation of any type to indicate they were sent out already. Considering its barely been a month. I would assume it was a little far fetched for them to think they could get the physical copies out in time. Maybe a dev will respond to this thread with actual facts, but I doubt they were shipped. If they were, the day is not over but I would think someone already would of posted about their physical copy if they were sent out.

Well, they never said we would be getting any shipping confirmation or tracking info. Especially since THQ Nordic is handling the distribution. I think it was a lofty goal to get everyone their copy on release day, but if they truly haven’t even been shipped yet, that’s pretty bad.

Yes, hopefully a dev does respond. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know where their copy is. Although, I am the only one posting about it. So, maybe I am.

Well from the update on the Kickstarter page they do say this:

“We’ll send out a separate update to these individuals once we know THQNordic has shipped the physical copies.”

So, I’m assuming that since we’ve not got word that the physical copies have shipped, the physical copies have not shipped.

But I could be wrong, and I often am.

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Ohhhhh, I checked the Kickstarter updates yesterday and never saw that part. That does make it seem like the copies haven’t even been shipped.

Great. Now, I’m wondering why I even bothered paying to upgrade. Feels like a total waste.

Yeah, I understand that sentiment. Since the beta had low FPS on my 5-year old Mac, I decided to get the PS4 physical upgrade so I could play it on something until I can get e new computer. Though, in retrospect, I should have gotten the Switch version for, you know, portability rather than immediacy.

Glad you guys are discussing, I too am waiting on a PS4 physical copy. And, I agree, they have been very good about information e-mails so I am just waiting on a confirmation about the shipping of the physical disc. I am actually waiting to install the disc on my PS4 but may have to activate my online code if it seems like it is going to take a while. I was hoping the disc would show up at least by next week. Again, thanks for posting as I was getting a little antsy…

Is it possible to know if they have shipped the physical copy?
Does someone have received its copy?

An email arrived today from a "" claiming he was handling the shipping for the game and needed my first and last name in order to create the label, or the game would not be able to be shipped.

It seemed a bit off, wanted to see if anyone else got this email?

Here is the email:

Hi, there. My company is handling fulfillment of Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

The game is ready to ship but I need your first and last name first. I cannot ship the game without your full name. It will be sent back. I can’t even create the label.

Once you email me that information then I can proceed to ship. Thanks for buying the game and I hope to hear from you soon.

I’ve upgraded to a physical copy and have not received this email, just fyi.

No, I didn’t received this email

My copy arrived in the mail today. It was shipped in an over-sized padded envelope with no internal bubble wrap or other protective coating. Fortunately, the game case was not dinged or damaged. The disc was loose in the case, but this is something that can happen to the best of games travelling through the mail.

In closing, while the packaging left a lot of room for error, my copy arrived in pristine condition.

Any updates on the physical updates being dispatched? Still not received mine (I’m located in the UK) or had any updates regarding them

Hey Deus, send a message to if you never got it. They were sent, and we’re prepping another round for those who either failed to get theirs or got damaged ones. Thanks!

So do we all have to send messages to support now @strangelove or you know which copies were not send yet? This is my last message about it as i am quite disappointed with the way you handled physical copies and Hall of Backers. I did not expect behaviour known from corporations here. Not going to be bothered to send any more messages.

Hey Hagu, not all messages. But we have about a dozen folks who didn’t get theirs for one reason or another. We aren’t distributors by trade so tracking down who missed them and why isn’t a perfect process for us. Some had typos in addresses, some didn’t provide an address, some got lost. We’re trying to stay on it.

Also - we’re working with our web group to get an update to the Hall of Backers today.

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