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Darksiders: The Documentary is now available!

Darksiders: The Documentary is now available on YouTube!
90+ min about the creation of Darksiders I, II and the closure of Vigil Games (++)

WATCH IT NOW: Darksiders: The Documentary | Gameumentary :sunglasses:

I just saw the video and I feel the need to ask why Gunfire Studios doesn’t feel the need for having Airship Syndicate as a collaborator on Darksiders 3?

It makes no sense! They asked Joe to draw the concept for Fury but felt like they didn’t need the rest of the original team to finish this great series?? The game went from small scale to massive scale from DS1 to DS2, so DS3 needs to build on even more, but they were talking about less stuff with better quality. That sound swell, but having Airship on board could allow for more AND better quality, which is what all the fans want.


What do you guys think?