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Darksiders Genesis has been announced!

I’m suprised that there’s still no post about the recently announced #Darksiders #Genesis!?
(And no dedicated section here for it too…)
What do you guys think?

As a gamer I’m super excited to know more about that title!
This is kind of a Co-Op action hack & slash RPG in the world of Darksiders.
Only 2 characters are playable: War (Close Combat) & Strife (Range).
The art style is excellent and is close to #BattleChasers IMO.
And… this is not Darksiders 4 :wink:
This is… something else, a spin off of the main series taking place even before Darksiders 1.

As a #JoeMad fan I expect to see many artworks / concepts done for the game by Joe.
I know that the team now at #AirshipSyndicate is composed of many artists so all the work hasn’t been by Joe but I still hope that we will see many of his drawing (and if possible in traditional pencil too)

Regarding the game:
Official trailer:
Official 4K wallpapers, have a look on the official side:

May fav:

Joe Mad “pure” style :slightly_smiling_face:

The full Airship Team… (3 were photoshoped… Grace Liu, Billy Garretsen and … I haven’t found his name yet :))

I have a remark on the Airship Website @strangelove @Airship-Steve
The “Community” button leading to this official Airship community is no more present on the official Airship site… the only way to find it is to go to
It would be good to add it.

Amazing work so far guys, keep it up! :slight_smile:


Just in case, you can find everything that has been said about #DarksidersGenesis on
See the last update:

Why is this? can we get this forum reset back as the place for Airship Syndicate discussion?

Or is the negative posts on unfulfilled orders from the last kickstarter make it so you would rather bury this forum?

I can’t tell but since then I created a dedicated forum about all the “Joe Mad!” topics here:

The activity is very low but I hope that after some time it will become a very intersting place where to discuss Joe Mad things :sweat_smile: