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Crystal Shards, Where do I find them?

So, I want to open the box with the dragon egg for Gullys strongest weapon(The only one I don’t have because of this one part) but I only have 3 of this Crystal Shard and you need 5 to open the box that has it…I have no idea where I got them from(They seem to have appeared in my inventory after I have finished the Red Gardens a few times)…
Anyone knows and can help me with this please?

You can get them from some world map nodes around the last dungeon (Mana rifts) and in the dungeon itself.

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Thank you! I had no idea where to look for them :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’ve solved this already, but the part that threw me off is that when you check those chests, they call for “keys” but the item that opens them is just called “Infused Crystal” or something like that.

You’ll end up with more than enough of them by the time you finish mana tombs once, but that’s the flaw in Gully’s final weapon imo; more or less can’t get it until you do that last dungeon once, but you can get everyone else’s before Manarifts (some even earlier than that if you’re lucky or search the world map).