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Crit vs Fire Weapon Enchants

I’m all in on Monika as my primary damage dealer. I have her cast Execute often, even as part of my opener on bosses. I’m also giving her extra Crit wherever I can without sacrificing AP. Since the 10% chance of Fire damage can proceed off of each hit from Execute, am I better served by the Fire enchant than I am Keen Weapon? Looking for mathematical analysis and anecdotal evidence.

Generally the higher level/quality of the enchant gives a better value over the long run.

Having said that, many people are fond of a crit Monika build.

Right. I like Monika’s poison-on-crit mechanic a lot. Thinking about it at
higher levels it makes sense to go for the fire procs, though. As Crit
scaling gets worse and worse, needing more and more Crit to get a 1% boost,
that static 10% chance at extra damage keeps looking better…